Yummiest chee cheong fun

A good friend came back from Sydney for a few days and asked if I was free to have breakfast with her. At first I was hesitant as Kate was still sick. However, I was exhausted from taking care of her for most of the day yesterday and my arms were aching from carrying her. I decided to give myself a breather to recharge.

She missed eating local hawker food and suggested the popular big prawn noodles at Pek kio market (opp KK hospital) which she has been dying to try. She had gone there twice over the Chinese New Year period but the stall was closed. I quite like the prawn mee, but I was delighted she wanted to eat there as I absolutely love the freshly made chee cheong fun stall there.

When we reached there, guess what? The prawn mee stall was closed! They used to close only on Mondays but now they close on Tuesdays as well. She’s really not fated to try it. Anyway, we ordered the char siew and the scallop chee cheong fun and she liked it.

The uncle makes it on the spot so it is fresh and very smooth. I love the char siew and the prawn versions best. My kids can each eat a plate of the char siew one. It is also fun for the kids to watch how he makes it. 

He spreads it out really thinly.

Then rolls it up and cuts it.

Another friend joined us and we ordered more food!

We had a lovely time catching up over good hawker fare. I had my break and it was time to head home to my little girl.

I ordered more char siew chee cheong fun to take away for the kids’ lunch as my helper was too busy looking after Kate to cook. I like it that they separate the sauce and I can just heat the sauce up and pour it over when the kids come back.

Sane tip: Give yourself a break once in a while to recharge your body and mind. Ask for help from your helper, hubby, mum-in-law, kind neighbours, lovely friends, awesome colleagues… and return the favour another day.

Save tip: Eat hawker food. Cheap and good!

Opening hours: 6.30am – 1.30pm
(closed every alternate Wed)

Address: 41A Cambridge Road #01-25
(Pek kio hawker centre)

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