When your child needs surgery

#3 got injured in a sports accident and is now undergoing surgery. As the bone right under her eye got fractured, it is going to be a slightly tricky operation.

I followed her into the OT and held her hand while they administered general anesthesia, and watched her drift off to sleep.

As a mum, there is nothing more painful than watching your child go through any form of suffering. Yet you have to be strong.

She said that she regretted going into the match which resulted in this. I told her life is meant to be lived. We shouldn’t be like porcelain vases, sitting pretty because we are afraid to be broken. Accidents happen.

It is in falling and getting up which makes us stronger, and in receiving the care and concern from friends and relatives which makes our lives richer.

It is going to be a 2 hour wait. When your mind wanders to what the doctor said about the risks involved which she had to inform you of, you can only surrender your worries to God. And it’s times like these which make you stop and think about your priorities in life.

Thank you, to those who are united with us in prayer. May the op go smoothly and may she heal beautifully.
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  1. Take care! I am keeping #3 in my prayers. May God bless you and your family.

  2. Thank you very much Shannon for your prayers and support. The op went very well and she is on the mend. I'm so relieved.

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