What’s on my fridge?

A fellow blogger mom started a monthly link-up whereby we share our photos so everyone gets a glimpse into one another’s homes. The first instalment is about what everyone is sticking on their fridges.

To begin with, technically, we have 2 fridges. The hub searched everywhere for a large fridge but even the largest was not enough for our family. Then he got a bright idea, and decided to order 2 of the same fridge, one with a handle on the right and one with the handle on the left so when put together, it looked like one big fridge!

I try to keep it uncluttered, which is still possible as we have moved in less than a year ago, and because the kids have all grown up somewhat and they don’t get tons of drawings from school anymore. But I’m sure when Kate enters preschool, we will have lots of her doodles pinned up on the fridge. So for now, it’s just the necessary stuff on the fridge.

The first thing I put up was the schedule for uniforms. Our helper sets out #5’s uniform for him every morning, so she has to know if he was going to wear his uniform or his PE attire. I included the rest of the girls’ PE days as well, so that if we have a spell of wet weather, her priority is to get whichever set ready for the next day. All the other clothes can wait.

I kept all these mosaic magnets on display as they were made by the 5 kids when they were younger. They are so bright and cheery, not to mention practical, that they will probably have a place on the fridge for a long time to come. (the little red gingerbread man was made by #5 in school last week)

When Kate started her solids, I put these information up so that at a quick glance, I would be able to know what to feed her. One list is the current list of foods she has been introduced to, which I add to with each passing month. I can then look at the list when I draw up her weekly menu or when I go grocery shopping. The other is a ‘master list’ of biodiversity foods which we should gradually expose our child to. I will put a tick next to the foods after she has tried it. The extra boxes are to be ticked when she tries it the 2nd, 3rd, time etc. The other list with the pictures shows foods which are highly allergenic, so I can easily refer to it if somebody was going to offer it to her. We have lots of family and friends popping by, and sometimes they bring along fruits like kiwi or blueberries. I am careful with her as the other 5 have various food allergies.

This is a table to chart #5’s weight. Their Ah Gong comes back once every few weeks and he is worried that #5 is not eating well as he is very skinny. He told #5 to draw up a chart and to write down his weight daily so that he can track if he is putting on weight.

#5 just brought back this ‘huang’ he made in school. I love it! He explained that they rolled the clay out, then used pencils to poke holes in it for the design. I think it is very well spaced out for a 7-year old. It looks nice and as it’s our surname, it gets pride of place on our fridge!

Sane tip: These lists on the fridge come in very handy.

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  1. Jasmine: Yes, aren't they šŸ™‚ The kids made them at Fun Mosaic over at Bukit Timah Plaza. Better to call them beforehand to make sure they are open/or that they will entertain walk-ins as they are usually busy with the classes. Tel: 64697955

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