Westgate Wonderland

Took the kids to the newly opened Westgate Wonderland playground at Jurong’s newest mall. They have been eyeing this cool playground as it has one of the most impressive looking treehouse they have ever seen, which sits atop a huge play structure like those you find at indoor playgrounds.

Treehouse playground on Level 4

There’s even a mini rock climbing wall which is suitable for those around 3-7 years of age.

Wide enough for many little climbers

In one corner, there’s a separate area for the little ones, which makes it a little safer for the tots during the crowded weekends.

Musical flowers

A bright orange capsule swing which goes round and round. Kate didn’t seem to like this one, although her cousin clearly did!

“Can I get off?”

See-saw fit for 5!

Great for practicing balancing
Kate’s favourite part of the playground was this little segmented caterpillar. The colourful parts of the body is broken up into little ‘stools’. 
“Just the right size for me”

Kate enjoyed getting up and down on each one of them.

“This one’s slightly bigger..”

#5 was trying to cajole her into playing somewhere more interesting instead of simply sitting on a stool! Seems like Kate is not easily persuaded.

“No can do, gor gor, I like it here”
Sane tip: This playground on Level 4 is quite shady and very windy when we were there at 5pm. And there was enough to entertain the kids of all ages. There’s a separate Kids club soon to be opened on Level 5. A minimum spend of $60 entitles your child to be dropped off to enjoy the activities at the supervised clubhouse.

Save tip: This impressive playground is absolutely free!
3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532
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