Valentine’s Day Secret Message

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Here’s a little idea for you.. (This is another of #2’s creations)

It reads: You have a message.

Takes a lot of finger dexterity to make!

It opens to say…
Isn’t it awfully sweet? She used one of those cute lil’ mini pegs to make this. She cut out a rectangular piece of paper to fit the peg and drew in the envelope and then wrote the words. She folded the paper into half, and then very carefully glued it on to the peg.

Mini pegs ($12.90) from kikki.K at Ion

Variation: For younger kids, you can use regular sized clothes pegs as it will be easier to write and to glue the piece of paper on.

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3 Replies to “Valentine’s Day Secret Message”

  1. Wow, did she come up with this idea herself? That's so awesome and creative! Yes, it is very very sweet and my heart will absolutely melt to receive this! Hee. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Now that you mentioned, I asked her and she said she saw it somewhere and copied it! I was the same, when I saw it, I went Aww, so sweet and didn't think of asking if she thought of it herself! So no, she didn't come up with this idea herself.

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