Trip to the dentist

Took #3 to the dentist for her half-yearly check-up. She has been seeing Dr VicPearly for the past few years and strangely, she looks forward to her dental visits! Probably because Dr Vic is very good with children, and there is a TV screen on the ceiling to keep her distracted. This round, she says that she has been monitoring #3’s front teeth and they are starting to flare out. She will have to do a retainer-plate thing and hopefully if #3 is diligent enough to wear it all the time, she won’t have to do braces in future. I really hope it works, as getting braces for 5 kids is really no joke. It will indeed bring new meaning to ‘paying through your teeth’!

Dr Vic said #3 is doing a great job brushing her teeth

#3 took a mold of her teeth and we have to come back next week when it’s ready. 

Orange Orthodontics is a family dental clinic

Orange Orthodontics is in Lucky Plaza Medical suites so we hopped over to Tangs to get some Krispy Kreme donuts. They taste sooo good warm out of the oven, but way too sweet though. I’m sure Dr Vic won’t approve of all that sugar šŸ˜‰

The famous Krispy Kreme donuts
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