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It’s so exciting to receive a delivery! This time it’s for the littlest member of our family. Kate was sponsored a cool looking balance bike from Tikes N Bikes. The Kinderbike has been rated ‘the best’ in quality and value by the New York Times 4 years in a row. Wow, Kate sure is lucky.

With my 5 older kids, they all learnt how to cycle the traditional way. They had those bicycles with the trainer wheels at the back. When they were around 5 or 6, we figured it was time they learnt to ride a proper 2-wheeled bike and had to teach them how to do it. That involved holding on to their bike and running alongside until they got the hang of it and we could release the handlebar. Let me tell you, it was pretty back-breaking work! Thankfully, #1 managed to master it within 1 or 2 hours. #2 and #3 took longer, and after going through that with the first 3 kids, I delegated the job of teaching the younger ones to their older siblings.

In the recent few years, I started seeing little expatriate kids in our condo on these 2-wheeled balance bikes. Initially we thought it was really strange and my kids called them the bicycles with no pedals. But as I spoke to the mums, they told me that their children naturally learnt how to balance on the bike and the transition was smooth. The child has total control of his progress and you don’t need to try and figure out when he’s ready to have the trainer wheels removed. Once he’s ‘cruising’ (able to travel some distance with both feet up), it’s evident that he can move on to a proper bike with pedals. That sounded fabulous to me. Wish we had those when the kids were young.

“My first set of wheels!”

I can’t wait for Kate to hang out with her bike and learn to cycle all on her own. With the Kinderbike E series, what’s fantastic about this particular balance bike is that both the seat and handlebars are easily adjustable, with a snap and quick release fixture. Kate is not yet 2 and she has already started using it. The frame is light and can be carried by a child as well – 5.9 pounds to be exact, which is the lightest balance bike in the market.

Kinderbike E series $109

Sane tip: This bike can take a maximum weight of 34kg, so it easily grows with your child. Age suitability is from as young as 18 months to 5 years. It is far lighter and smaller to carry around than a regular bike and fits in any boot.

Save tip: {GIVEAWAY} I’m pleased to announce that Tikes N Bikes has generously agreed to give away ONE Kinderbike E series to one of my lucky readers!

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Disclaimer: Kinderbike sponsored our E series balance bike and the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi David,

    Oh dear. At 6 she can still try the bigger balance bikes and may like it. Sometimes when they see their friends able to do it, they will be motivated. Or get an older cousin or friend to teach them. My #2 taught my friends' kids and was very patient with them.

  2. We have a strider bike for my 3 year old, that my 18 month old is always trying to steal…so we are definitely in the market for a new one. One thing I learned from the website is that they make special needs bikes.

  3. I have 10 grandchildren. The 2 newest additions are twin boys who would love the Strider. They are 1 1/2 and it would be perfect for them. Good luck to everyone.

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