They’ve helped us… shouldn’t we help them now?

They are appealing for donations

The Franciscan sisters have been serving the needy in Singapore since 1953. They have contributed in so many ways.

These are some of the initiatives they have established to address the needs they encountered over the years:

  • Maris Stella Kindergarten
  • Hai Sing Catholic (to provide secondary education for the girls from the then rural community in the Ponggol area)
  • Apex Day Rehab Centre for the Elderly
  • Vocational Institute for women
  • Filodep (for our domestic helpers to spend their day off constructively in cooking, dressmaking, handicraft classes)
  • Madonna Soup Kitchen (to provide food to the construction workers)

They are still working tirelessly even though most of them are in their 70s! The convent they were living in was more than a century old and they could not live there anymore as it was unsafe. The building was demolished and is being re-built. They still need to raise $1.2m for their new convent.

Unlike a church, they do not have a congregation to turn to for financial assistance. The people whom they help are also not in a position to provide financial assistance. They have helped so many people in Singapore, it’s time we helped them back. Let’s rally our family, friends and colleagues to help these elderly nuns have a decent home to live in.

What can we do?
A donation of 1 brick is $30. We can donate one brick or as many bricks as we like. Every brick counts!

How can we donate?

By cheque:
Payable to: FMM Building Fund
Mail to: Fiesta with the FMM
49D Holland Road Singapore 258851

By bank transfer:
Name of account: FMM Building Fund
OCBC: 7339
Branch: 660
Account No: 898453-001

Their official donation form

If you would like a receipt or acknowledgement, you can email them at or send an sms to 98558808 with your email to get an official donation form. They would record your name in a book for public display when their building is ready in October.

I’m going to make my donation and I will share this article with the kids at dinner tonight. I will explain to them that the home of the dear nuns had termites in their walls and ceilings and may collapse. And that when it rained, the roof leaked and there were puddles of water everywhere. They are elderly (like their own grandparents) so don’t they deserve a safe, comfortable home to live in? Let’s see which of them has a generous heart šŸ™‚