Their March holidays

We’ve come to the end of their March holidays and I must say that I had a rather pleasant week. #1 and #3 had a lot of individual plans so I decided to shelf those grand plans I had for them to do together and go with the flow instead. We started with a nice family meal at the beginning of the holidays and ended with another lovely Sunday lunch. In between I was busy ferrying them around, spending time with them separately, and taking them out in twos or threes.

Our usual dim sum

#1 is participating in her band’s concert at the Esplanade in May so training was very intensive during this one week break. Her ‘A’ Math teacher also scheduled some extra classes to get them on track for the ‘O’ level exams, so her week was fully packed.

#5 asked his grandparents for robotics lessons which I agreed to since this holiday was a ‘free and easy’ one. He went for daily lessons which lasted for 2 hours each time and he loved the classes. I figured it was better for the grandparents to pay for some proper classes instead of buying him more and more toys. Halfway through the week, his friends decided to join him after hearing how fun it was. Normally, I would have to think twice before allowing 1 child to go for daily lessons as it meant that a chuck of time was blocked out for family activities.

Robotics lessons

Apart from the classes, he spent his time playing at playgrounds…

Taking care of his best pal’s little sister

Going for meals…

Old friends are the best friends!

Or doing dinosaur craft by himself at home.

3D crafty fun

#3 had a busy week which included a staycation at RWS with her friends, her birthday celebrations, movie outings, and supplementary classes in school to prepare for her PSLE Oral.

Hard Rock pool at RWS

#2 and #4 didn’t have much on so #2 invited her friend over for a sleepover and the girls entertained themselves with card games, baking, cooking and movies.

Playing card games

And Kate? As she does not have her own friends and her own plans, she tried to tag along with whoever allowed her to.

“Hey wait up!”

And me? When the kids were all occupied, I escaped and had tea with a friend. A good cuppa and a great tiramisu mid-week are enough to make me a happy momma!

Carpenter and Cook

Sane tip: I do a lot of tag team with the other mums. For example, we take turns doing chauffeur duty for their daily robotics classes, or I would take the kids out for a day and another mum would do another day.

Save tip: When the kids are older, there are a lot of productive things which they can occupy themselves with at home without sending them for holiday enrichment classes, such as cooking, baking, craft work, sewing, etc.

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