The Rice Table: Indonesian restaurant

The kids are all in school and Kate is having her nap so the hubs and I managed to have a peaceful lunch at the Indonesian restaurant The Rice Table. We tried it once before many years ago at another branch but didn’t think very much of it. However, his friend just ate here recently and commented that it was value for money and that the otak was really good, so we decided to give it a try as we needed to run some errands in town.

Homely indonesian restaurant
It’s a sit down buffet whereby they start by serving you every dish on their menu, and you can ask for extra portions later. It’s great that the portions are small. It feels like homecooked comfort food and the dishes are all not bad.
So appealing

The food is placed on a warmer which was a nice touch.

It was lunch hour and the whole place was packed, mainly with the office crowd.

Simple decor

Sane tip: School is in full swing and CCAs have started. This is the first year that #5 is taking up some CCAs, so now I have 1 day where I don’t have to pick them up straight after school. When friends asked to meet up, I could only do breakfast. Now I’m free to do lunch 1 day a week! How absolutely lovely (I think only SAHMs can relate to this!)

Save tip: At $17.90 nett per person, this buffet is really value for money. Drinks not included.
360 Orchard Road #02-09
International Building
Singapore 238869

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