The kids finally got their first puppy

The kids have been begging for a dog for the longest time.

Like for 10 years. Especially #1 and #3.

I do want the kids to grow up with a dog. I really do.

But dogs are hard work, and they come with so much responsibility.

As if we weren’t busy enough trying to manage way too many kids to add pets into the fray.

I wasn’t going to be taken in by their cute little pleas promising to be responsible and all that, only to have them grow tired of the novelty of having a puppy and relegating the long term care of the dog to the helper.

Our new puppy in our garden

As a baby step, I did allow them to have terrapins and hamsters.

They were mildly responsible but finally gave them away to enthusiastic friends when they grew tired of looking after them.

A dog was a bigger consideration, and we would have to factor in time, space and money.

But do you know what was the real reason I was so opposed to them getting a dog?

I was simply terrified of dogs!

You see, my mum refused to let us have any pets when we were growing up because her dog died when she was young and she was adamant not to let us go through the same pain.

I had no contact with pets and became very afraid of them.

The thought of having a dog running around the house was unimaginable to me.

Of course, the kids never gave up on their dream and every year or so, they will badger the hubs, who loves dogs.

I reminded them of their previous pets and they vehemently protested, “a dog is different, mum!”

Over Christmas, they went at it again.

About how they are much older now and will promise to be responsible and how “all normal kids are allowed to have their own dog”.

Yeah, lay the mummy guilt on me.
I have to admit she’s an adorable pup
Over the past 2 years, we have frequently gone over to my sister-in-law’s house and her border collie is so well-behaved that I started to think that it is not so bad having a dog in the house.

He doesn’t growl at people, doesn’t bite nor bark, is toilet-trained, and does as he is told! He doesn’t bolt out of the gate nor wander up the stairs. He is such a sweetie and would come over to sit next to you.

Now that I have a much better impression of dogs, I was more open to the idea and gave the issue serious thought.

The kids are older and definitely more responsible than when they were little.

Besides, there are so many of them to share the work load of managing the dog.

We also have a much bigger space which can accommodate a dog, alongside the troop of kids.

I told them a pet is for life and even took them to SPCA to impress upon them the fate of dogs who get abandoned.

Coincidentally, the hub’s had a friend whose dog gave birth to 3 puppies and he was happy to give one to our kids.

The girls were simply elated!

Their dream had finally materialised.

The first few days, it was almost like we were welcoming a new baby.

The hubs was the pied piper and they were all fussing over the pup, watching her lap water from her bowl, taking her for her shower, teaching her to poo and pee at the right places.

Their friends came over after school to play with the puppy like how they did when Kate was small.

#3 said, “Mum, see, don’t you think you made an excellent decision this time? We are all down here instead of being cooped up in our rooms with our gadgets.”
Kids’ best friend
It’s been 2 weeks since the puppy has become a part of our family.

Their lives have changed.

They have a cute, loving pet to call their own and they fully understand the drudgery of taking care of a young thing.

After changing the soiled newspapers and wiping the floor for the umpteen time, #2 commented, “Mum, she’s like a baby, just a bit worse because she doesn’t pee and poo in her diaper.”

My life has changed too.

I am a quasi-prisoner in my own living room, and gone are the days where I can leave the sliding doors open for ventilation.

My house slippers are either missing or have saliva on them and I’m slowly getting used to having my toes chewed on when I’m working on my computer.

I get a mini-panic attack when I come down and can’t find her, and run around with Kate frantically calling her name and looking under the sofas and in every nook and cranny, all the while praying that she didn’t bolt out of the gate.

She’s just a puppy and hopefully all that will get sorted out eventually.

I wanted to name her Seven, and was voted out. But of course.

Guess this little pup will grow up with them and be the silent listener to all their joys and sorrows.
How fortunate.

The kids, and the puppy.

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  1. Not to discourage and infact I love your blog, but did it occur to you will the mummy dog miss her puppy? I guess dogs are just like human, we will love our new born and wanted to nurse them. How will we feel if our baby was taken away days after born?

    No hard feelings.

  2. Hi,

    You sound like you love dogs. So nice to see people standing up for the voiceless!

    We got her when she was 2 months old. I don't know much about dogs, but the owners felt it was a suitable time to let the pups go.

    In fact, the kids were so worried that she would miss her mother and sisters they volunteered to sleep in the living room next to her!

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