The Art of Speed by Playeum

I’ve been meaning to take #5 to the Children’s Centre for Creativity and as expected, he and his friend had so much fun exploring with cars and speed that they weren’t done playing even after 4 hours. This space is inspired by Australia’s Ipswich Art Gallery’s hugely successful “Built for Speed” installation.


Kate couldn’t keep her little car on the ramp and ended up “walking” it carefully along the green ramp. Good for coordination!

The boys spent an hour trying to adjust and re-adjust the blocks under the ramp  to see if their car could run over the bumps and make it to the end. It was nice to see the boys work together, even with strangers.

Create for Speed

At this station, they built their own Lego cars to race down the steep wooden ramp. Thing is, they didn’t realise that there is a hole in middle of the ramp! They ended up spending almost 2 hours here, building cars that could cross the hurdle.

Wooden ramp

And they succeeded!

#5’s speed machine

Kate played at the soft corner, and even though I tried to explain to her that the cars were meant to be rolled down the slopes, she was not keen on playing with the cars at all. Instead, she arranged the slopes into structures and rolled around on them. Whatever suits her!

I noticed that most of the girls gravitated towards the Play Maker Space, where they created their own cars out of recycled materials. This lady was so patient with Kate and assisted her in making her own set of wheels.

“What happened?!”

Soon enough, she was tired of playing with cars and we went across the street to Red Baron cafe for a quick lunch. When we returned, she was all recharged and played in the dark room shining her torch around and being mesmerised by the light reflected by the disco ball.

Sane tip: This installation runs until 3 April 2016. Excellent place to bring your boys if they are into cars.

Save tip: Re-entry is allowed. Peak periods – limited to 2 hours per entry. We were there on a weekday and were allowed to play for an unlimited time as it was not crowded.

47 Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109444
Tel: 62620750

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