Thankful… for the hub’s cooking

Very early on in our marriage, the hubs realised that I was a hopeless cook. No actually, way before we were married, he knew that I couldn’t cook. It was quite funny. In our Uni days, every evening, he would tell his friends that he had to leave as he was having dinner with me. For the longest time, they envied him, thinking he had found someone who gave him home-cooked food everyday. Finally, they realised that he was always rushing off to cook dinner for me! Till today, the hubs is the one who goes to market on the weekends and cooks up a storm for us.

To market, to market…

It became a routine so much so that I took it for granted and so did the kids. It was not until their tutor started joining us for meals and she complimented his cooking and remarked how lucky we were to have such a good cook in the house. The kids, in all their ungratefulness replied “So boring, every time the same food”. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing and chided them and told them that there are so many other children out there who do not even have enough to eat.

To buy drums and thighs…

To be very honest, there was a time when I also got rather sick of his same dishes… 

Home again, home again, curry again

But now, after my bout of immobility, I am thankful for everything. Even if it’s the same few dishes that he likes to cook, I am indeed thankful for his efforts in cooking for us not only on the weekends, but occasionally during the week as well.

Kate gets grilled chicken
Beef hor fun

The hubs is not expressive with his words, but I have learnt that this is his way of showing his love for us, through his actions. He is not one of those men who would buy flowers for his wife, but I don’t mind it one bit. After all, it is not difficult to place an order for flowers once a year, but to cook for us every week, I think it is something I should never forget to appreciate and be thankful for.

Seafood soup
Sane tip: Sometimes, we are too comfortable and take much for granted. That becomes dangerous, because when we start to expect that, we stop deriving any satisfaction or happiness from anything. The only way to counter that is to always express gratitude for what we have, and to ingrain that in our kids.

Save tip: Thankfully, one of us can cook. If not we would probably be eating out a lot more!

Thankful Tuesdays:

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has” – Epictetus

Thankful… for our helper
Thankful… for my family
Thankful… for my mum-in-law

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4 Replies to “Thankful… for the hub’s cooking”

  1. I'm always envious of ladies whose husbands can cook. For me, I'm so thankful that my hubby is not fussy and eats whatever I cook 🙂
    Thanks for linking up on my Motivational Mondays link too 🙂

  2. It was so natural in our family that the men cook. The hubs cooks, his dad cooks, and so does his uncles. The sad thing is that sometimes, we don't appreciate what we have until we lose it. Always a good reminder to be thankful 🙂

  3. like you, i'm a hopeless cook and the only meal i had ever made for my husband is a sandwich. if that counts as a meal!

    it puts a big smile on my face to read that your husband has been cooking for you and the kids all these years. i'm guilty of complaining about the boring same food at times (but my grandma's the one cooking) but i do see a lot of effort goes into the preparation of every meal. you guys are so lucky!

  4. Haha.. I feel better now. I'm not the only one! Yes, only after I tried cooking for all the kids did I realise how much effort it takes to cook a meal!

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