Starz Restaurant – Hard Rock Hotel

We started off the June holidays with a family dinner at Starz Restaurant at RWS. They are currently having a kids eat free promotion which is just perfect for us.

Sushi selection

They have a Japanese section with an assortment of sushi for the kids and salmon and tuna sashimi for the adults.

The kids were really happy with the spread of food, and even #5 who is a picky eater ate a lot. He had the pasta, chicken rice, roti prata, mushroom soup and potato wedges.

Kate loved trying out all the different food and she fed herself for 2 whole hours! She was in such a good mood that she said hi to every waitress who came by to clear our plates.
Pasta, corn, veggies, meat

She even said hi to the people sitting at the next table and struck up a conversation with them. She kept saying “Nice?” and nodding her head enthusiastically. They found her so adorable that they entertained her and made her laugh.

“Good meal right?”

The chicken curry was really quite good, especially when eaten with the prata.

Chicken curry

For the adults, they have fresh oysters, fresh prawns, clams and mussels at the cold section.

Seasonal oysters

The local selection included items like sliced fish, prawns, pandan chicken, otak otak, laksa and drunken prawns in herbal soup. They also had a small salad section.

Prawns and sliced fish

The dessert corner…

Assorted cakes

What we really liked was the gelato. I normally don’t eat ice cream at buffets, but the kids kept saying it was really good so I tried the yam, green tea and apple flavours. Yup, I’d have to agree the kids are right!

Homemade gelato
Cheese section

The last time we came here was 1 year ago when they had this same promotion. This round, when we were deciding where to eat, this was one of the options I gave them and it was a unanimous decision. The strange thing was, they all remembered it as the hotel buffet with the very posh toilet! Somehow, they really liked the cool and adultish vibe of this place and they had very good memories of it.

Outside the restrooms

#1 actually had her ‘O’ levels chinese paper the next day, so she was busy revising. The amazing thing about her is that she can study anywhere. Some friends were telling me how impressed they were with her because during her PSLE days, our house would be filled with many neighbourhood kids yet she could concentrate even with all that noise and activity going on around her.

Chillaxing to digest all that food…

My verdict? The selection is not huge like in some buffets, but it is definitely sufficient to feed even the fussy eaters. Considering it is a buffet, the standard of the food is quite good. But what I felt was worth the money was the whole dining experience. Don’t ask me exactly why, but the kids just love this place and they were laughing and enjoying themselves the whole time.

“Awesome meal!”
Located at the lobby of Hard Rock Hotel
Sane tip: Kate really loves eating out with the whole family, especially if it’s a buffet. She was busy trying a little bit of everything and I even managed to enjoy a leisurely dinner.

Save tip: Kids Dine Free promotion: Up to 4 kids aged 4-12 years old dines free with every 2 paying guests. I was informed that this promotion should last till at least August 2014. Without the promotion, I really don’t think it’s worth the price, but since the kids get to eat for free, we’ll definitely be back to try the high tea!

Starz Restaurant
Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, Lobby
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  1. Hi! Love how detail your post on the spread are! May I know did you visit starz on a weekday or weekend buffet dinner? Could you elaborate more on the cheese section available? Thank you šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Jeanne,

    It's been so long I can't remember for sure! But likely to be a weekday. We don't usually go out on weekends because it's hard to battle the crowds with so many kids and also because weekdays is cheaper!

    I'm no cheese connoisseur, and can't comment on it. Sorry!

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