SKIRT – A remarkable dining experience at W Hotel

We love steak, and for special occasions we used to go to Morton’s at Mandarin Oriental for good steak. We haven’t been there in many years as it’s getting quite crowded and noisy. We heard that SKIRT at W hotel is very good, so when a friend invited us for his birthday dinner I was happy to abandon my 8pm bedtime and head out to Sentosa.

We were greeted at the entrance by raw slabs of meat hanging in the display fridge. These people are certainly serious about their beef! The chefs work in an open-concept kitchen and there was an open grill right smack in the middle of it.

Our meal started off on a lovely note with this pretty looking flower shaped bread. Most importantly, it was served warm.

What struck me immediately was that despite being a very high-end restaurant, the waiters do not assume you have deep pockets and instead of recommending the most expensive items, they even suggested we share. We wanted to try everything, but restrained ourselves and ordered 3 starters to share amongst the 4 of us. The oysters were flown in from Coffin Bay, and were fresh, as expected. Visually appealing too, with the dash of colour.

Fresh Oysters from Coffin Bay, Australia

I love tuna tartare and this didn’t disappoint. The sauce tasted Asian though, which was something I didn’t expect. 

Tuna Tartar & Avocado $28

The starter that blew us away was the prawns. They were big, firm, and the colour was a beautiful reddish-orange. And my, they tasted soo good. Nothing too over-powering, just perfectly done. The waiter told us they were flown in from Madagascar!

Carabinero Prawns $25 each

For our mains, I settled on the Full Blood Wagyu Grain Fed Beef (Skirt $68) which was the smallest portion at 200g, as I already had an earlier light dinner with the kids. The way it was presented and the picture taken doesn’t do it justice at all. It was good. Really, really, good. Oh, and you see those two cute little bottles in the background? One is an Apple bourbon palette cleanser and the other is barbecue sauce.

Full Blood Wagyu Grain Fed Beef

The Tenderloin Grain Fed Beef looked absolutely juicy and appetising. Was really good too. The waiter did suggest that the 4 of us share 3 mains, which would have been just nice, but the men were so ravenous that they wanted their own piece of steak. I was completely stuffed by the end of the meal as we tried each other’s cut.

Tenderloin 250g

Along with the mains, we ordered 4 sides. My favourite was the mashed potato (Truffle potato puree $16). Smooth and creamy with a hint of truffle oil. Super duper yummy. The onion rings (Beer battered onion rings $10) were also good.

Portobella Mushroom $16

We were given a complimentary piece of cake for the birthday boy and we added 2 desserts (women always have a spare dessert stomach, isn’t it). We didn’t quite fancy the chocolate chocolate chocolate (the one in the background.) The chocolate mud cake with ice cream was not bad. By that time we were so stuffed that the desserts didn’t quite stand out. 


We really loved that the place was cosy and quiet (or maybe because we were there on a weekday). It is also big enough that even if we had brought the older kids along, we could have made reservations for a corner and wouldn’t have disturbed the other diners, although our pockets would have burnt a hole (there is an age restriction for kids). We definitely over ordered, but if you were more conservative, I’d say it would set you back about $150 – $200 per person without wine.

Lovely ambience

After dinner we took a constitutional along the waterfront to digest all that food. With the million dollar boats as eye candy, it was a perfect end to a perfect meal.

A fellow mummy blogger celebrated her 9th wedding anniversary there recently and she ordered the Tasting Plate of 5 Breeds. Check out her post to get a better idea of which cut of beef to order. In fact, I only found out after reading her post that I had chosen the top grade beef. No wonder it was soooo yummy. Happy 9th anniversary, V 🙂

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  1. Thanks MummyWee, for the well wishes and the link up! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Skirt too. One of the better meals I've had in a while! I feel like I need to go back to try the prawns after reading your review!

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