Sentosa snake charmer… who’s the bravest?

Took #5 for a day out at Sentosa with his godbrother. The boys were playing by themselves and did not want to include the dear little girl whom my friend brought along. They are at this age where they like to form their own boys club. This was the first time that I met this girl, but I was really impressed with her. Even though she was excluded from their games, she did not whine nor complain to us. She is such a self-assured and independent child. 

Running around the rocks can be so much fun!

As it started to rain, we bought tickets for the kids to entertain themselves at the 4D Adventure Land. Kate managed to be entertained by walking around the poles and smiling at the other adults hanging around. Some young tourists found her so adorable they kept taking photos with her.

Yummy biscuits baked by Auntie C

The kids wanted to have a go at handling the snake, and the little girl went first, with the snake wound around her. The boys then had their turn, but guess what?

“There’s no way I’m going to go near his head!”

They were afraid of the snake and none of them wanted to hold the snake’s neck.

“Ew! We’ve had enough of the snake!”

In the end who had to come to their rescue to hold the snake’s neck? The brave little girl. She is such a cool gal. Way to go girl!

“The eyes are really interesting”

Our conclusion? The boys are only good at acting macho but in fact, they are so timid! The girl managed to put them in their place. And who else wanted to have a piece of the action? Our little Kate.

“Look mum, I’m touching a real life snake!”
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