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One of the latest in entertainment for teens and adults that I have been hearing about is something called Escape Room Gaming. You go with a group of friends and enter an interactive real life puzzle where you work as a team to solve a mystery within a time limit. We were offered the opportunity to try it out for ourselves, so I took my older girls and their friends along to experience something new as I had heard good reviews from some friends. I was looking forward to going in with them, however at the last minute, I realised that the doors are bolted and some of the areas are narrow, and as I am claustrophobic, I decided to back out.

@ Orchard Central

After the hour was up (they were given an extension as they did not manage to solve the puzzle within the 45 minute time frame), here’s what my kids had to say about it:

“Roomraider is a really exciting and intriguing experience that has opened our eyes to a whole new world of fun using codes and secrecy. Through the extremely important use of communication and collaboration between teammates, we had to put our heads together to manoeuvre through a maze of rooms to try and solve the mystery.”

Encourages teamwork

We went for ‘Prison Break’ which is their most popular theme. This is also the most challenging one and the kids had to press the buzzer for help a couple of times. They were then prompted with clues. There are other themes to choose from including SWAT: Firestorm, Where’s Cuddles?, Hyperion and Dark Mansion. The different themes have different environments, different gadgets and different objectives.

Having a swell time

The very friendly young people who were manning the counter advised me that it is most suitable for children above the age of 12 as some of the puzzles are quite challenging and younger children may not be able to solve them. You have to form teams of between 2 to 8 people, however the fewer people there are in the group, the tougher it will be to solve the puzzle. If you come in a party of less than 8, there might be a chance that you would have to combine with another group to form a group of 8.

Sane tip: Great to take the older kids during this June holidays for a different experience. Also good for girls night out or couples date night with a bunch of friends. Do book in advance to avoid disappointment for your preferred time slot, and come in comfortable clothing.

Save tip: Cheaper on weekdays – $22 per person. Regular price (Fridays from 5.30pm, Sat & Sun, & Public holidays) – $28 per person.


181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel: 6636 8470

Disclaimer: Our session at Roomraider has been sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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