Portable air-con invention

#2 decided that she would try inventing a mini portable air-conditioner. She took some plastic sheets, cut them up and taped them to form a water-proof box. She used some food skewers to reinforce the sides.

The base of her air-con

She made a cover out of an old shoe box, and cut 2 holes in it. She attached a little duct over the smaller hole. This is where the cold air will escape from.

Attaching the vent

She placed some ice cubes into the box and attached her mini fan into the bigger hole and turned it on. Viola, she can now do her work in air-con comfort!

Cold air blowing directly on her

Sane tips: I love how #2 readily thinks up ideas to solve her problems. Firstly it’s a great way to occupy her time during the school holidays, and secondly it’s wonderful how she tries to find a solution for her problems by herself. 

Save tips: She knows she’s not supposed to turn on the air-conditioner during the day, so she decided to invent one herself!

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