Playful Elves indoor playground

Now that Kate has turned one, we have to constantly take her out to places where she can crawl, toddle, and climb in a safe environment. Our home is much too dangerous for her (stairs, chairs, sofas) and someone has to constantly watch over her. When Playful Elves invited us over to their playground, I was more than happy to accept their kind invitation. I brought Kate’s cousin with us to be her playmate and #3 and #5 followed along to babysit them.

Hey, how come your convertible is way cooler than mine?

The kids immediately went for the little race track as they don’t get that in other indoor playgrounds. Fans of Buzz lightyear would love this cute lil’ aeroplane.

She seems to really like all things on wheels these days. She spent most of her time here, opening and closing doors, getting in and out of the cars, ‘pumping petrol’ into the tank…

And calling her kakis to come join her.

Can you hear me?? I said this place has a cool race track!

There was a small jumping castle but Kate didn’t like it one bit. Think it was too wobbly for her. R was happy with the slide though.

Kate prefers the real thing.

The older kids had tons of fun with this shooting machine. You put the foam balls in, aim, and fire at little unsuspecting kids… or adults.

#5’s mission was to gather the ammunition.

They played together at this little toy station.

The beginnings of parallel play.

Hey, hey! Don’t step in there..

And perhaps the end too.

You’re kidding me. Seriously.

Kate had enough and came to me. She had her dinner while the older ones continued to play.

They sell a variety of crepes, both sweet and savoury. Their crepes start from $4.10. They also sell some basic hot and cold beverages.


#3 trying to blow the styrofoam ball into the chute with a straw while R was concentrating hard to assist her. This was the first time we took R out and there was so much to entertain her that she never once asked for her parents.

This is also the room where they host the parties. Their birthday party packages seem quite popular, starting at $399 for 10 kids. As usual, the older ones also had fun while babysitting the younger ones. I would say that this playground is best suited for those between 1-7 years old, but hey, my 11-year-old had a great time too! 

Kate is just starting to walk and her steps are so tiny, so #3 had a better solution.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s on my back you go…

Playful Elves
154 West Coast Road
West Coast Plaza
Singapoare 127371
Tel: 61000353

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