Photos that tell a story – #1’s unusual perception

After I shared some of the photos #1 took at her first photography workshop, many commented that she has an eye for it and we encouraged her to  keep practicing and see where it leads her.

Coincidentally, she did a colour test in school and scored way above her peers in her ability to differentiate colours, even when it is just a minute shade darker than the rest. Things are beginning to click. Thinking back, I realise that #1 would always point out details with regards to colour first, before noticing other aspects.

One of my close friends made an effort to meet with her and these were some of the photos she snapped on their walkabout. I really like how she is starting to show her preference in shooting from angles slightly out of the ordinary, which results in images with more character.

Foreign workers doing an honest day’s work, with multi-national companies in the background. It is on the back of their hard labour which our shiny buildings are built on.

The viewer pauses to take another look at a scene which has been photographed a thousand times. We learn to look at life and problems from a different perspective.

There’s something uncanny about the way MBS is framed from this angle. A structure so stunning emerging from the rawness.

You get sucked into the photo, like how sometimes you get sucked into things without intending to.

The water. Doesn’t it look more like the gravelled road? Things may not be what they seem to be.

I told #1 I was very impressed with her shots this time round too. They are different. They get me thinking.

She replied, “Yeah. I like them. But it might not please everyone. You either like them or not.”

I love how my kids dare to be themselves.

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  1. Nice!

    I would say she's self secured enough to dare to be different šŸ™‚ gd job mummy n daddy!

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