Pet Lovers Centre – Fun hamster cage

#3 recently adopted some baby hamsters from her aunt. Initially I didn’t allow her to have them as the kids had hamsters before and they died. I explained that I had given them the chance once and they did not prove themselves worthy of keeping a pet. #3 persisted and reminded me that she was barely 5 at that time and now she’s almost 12. She also promised that she would take good care of the hamsters. I was not convinced, but as the days passed, and the topic of hamsters was raised when her aunt came over, I was surprised that she knew so much and could give her aunt advice about them. She told me that she had been researching on hamsters. In the end, I relented and decided to give her a second chance.

New born baby hamsters

She waited patiently for them to grow independent of their mother before she took them home. Her aunt allowed her to choose the 2 that she liked best. 

Growing well

Her aunt gave her a small little cage but the hamsters grew too big for it. We were delighted that Pet Lovers Centre was agreeable to sponsor us a bigger cage. They gave us an amazing cage complete with tunnels, a slide, an exercise wheel, a house, a food bowl and a water bottle! How the kids wished our house had tunnels and slides too.

Savic Peggy Metro Hamster Cage $84.00 $63.00
Drink up!
Time for some exercise
Cool slide
Playing catching 
Their fave snooze nook

#3 decided that her hamsters should have a maze to play in so she bought a huge piece of board paper and she spent the afternoon cutting and taping them together to form a little maze for them. The other kids helped out to build the walls with Lego pieces.

Let’s see who can finish the food first!

Pet Lovers Centre has a very comprehensive website which has many more products than on display in the shops. For cages alone, they have such a wide variety to choose from, even fancy ones like 2-storey castle cages, adventure packs, and deluxe resorts. Their website is really user-friendly and their products are categorised under dog, cat, bird, fish, or small pets. You can then refine your search by price, brand or category. They offer free delivery for orders above $80. A $10 fee is chargeable for amounts under $80.

Besides products, their website has useful information such as listings of grooming centres, vet clinics and dog trainers. They even provide pet transport services. Do check them out if you want to know what contests and events are going on which may be suitable for your pets. They have been around for 40 years, and are the largest pet chain store in Singapore with outlets conveniently located at more than 50 locations island wide. They also have a very active Facebook page with lots of things happening!

Sane tip: It’s good to let kids have pets as it teaches them responsibility. Besides, it keeps them occupied. They have been bugging me for years to let them have a dog, but as I’m afraid of dogs, I think I need a few more years to think about that one!

Save tip: Who would have thought of creating a DIY maze for their pet? I have to hand it to #3 for her ingenious idea.

Disclaimer: Pet Lovers Centre has sponsored us the cage. All opinions are my own.

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