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We had to go to KL for my mum-in-law’s birthday so we decided to make a family trip out of it. We chose Penang as I heard that Golden Sands Resort has an indoor playground within the compound which would be handy for Kate if she gets bored of the sand. Besides, the hubs was keen on going to eat all the authentic Penang food so we were game for the 4 hour ride up from KL. It was a relatively uneventful drive up, and we managed to get Kate to nap for half the journey, and we kept her happy with snacks and toys for the other half. Penang is more modern than I expected and apparently they are more affluent than the other states as the manufacturing industry fuelled their economy. We passed several hotels that dotted the beach, but we missed our hotel’s entrance as the signage was rather discreet and we had to U-turn back.  After we checked in, the kids were itching to stretch their legs and they immediately changed into their swim wear and headed for the beach.

Fun in the sun with their cousins

We were rather disappointed in the quality of the sand as it is not fine like Redang or even Pangkor Laut resort, and the water is not clear. After awhile they headed back to the resort swimming pool.

#3 ready to catch #5

This slide may look simple but they played here for almost 3 hours!

And… caught!

Somehow, #3 became the designated catcher.

E’s turn

This slide is partially shaded during the day so the kids played here most of the afternoon.

That was fun!

The shallow pool was good as there was a big shade over it.

Nice relaxing swim in the pool

They played in the water until dinnertime and we went out for seafood. The next day, we had breakfast at the hotel, then we decided that the kids should play at the indoor playground as it was too hot to swim. The older kids went wild with all the different slides there. We have never seen a slide this steep at any other indoor playground. Only #3 dared to try it.

Demon Drop slide (24 ft vertical drop slide)

I saw many kids sitting for a couple of minutes at the top psyching themselves up before they dared to take the plunge. But after the first try, they kept going back. This slide is most suited to those 10 and above (or younger, for the dare-devils! Min age – 7 years old)

Customized drop slides from UK

#3 took Kate on the Hyperglide Astra slide and she enjoyed it! I think they are grooming her to be a dare-devil.

Grab a sack and get ready to slide!

The kids spent most of the 2 hours on the slides. Their younger cousin who is 3 did not dare to go on the slides, although she did manage to entertain herself with the rest of the play areas. This indoor playground would be best enjoyed by kids 5 years and above who would dare to go on the slides. As for Kate, I reckon it’s because she’s too young to have developed a fear.

Kate clapped her hands when she landed!
There is also a small play area for the younger kids. This area is free if they don’t intend to play at the main play area.
Toddler Zone (for the under 4s)

After 2 hours, we went out for lunch then the kids registered for the Kids Club activities. That day, they were having T-shirt painting (RM20), followed by free play at the indoor playground, and when the sun went down, they headed out to the pool for group games. As the kids were occupied, the adults took the opportunity to get their massage and foot reflexology by the beach. The massage hut is very spartan, but at RM60 for 1 hour of massage/foot reflexology, we weren’t complaining. Besides, with the sea breeze and the sound of the waves, I couldn’t be happier.

Massage by the beach

My mum took Kate back to the room for her afternoon nap. Meanwhile, the kids made friends with this lovely lady and they had a great time playing ‘Monkey’ with her, while her husband and kid looked on. A big shout-out to Vicki from Melbourne, whom #4 fondly named ‘Pink Shark”. She’s a real hilarious lady and just watching her play with my kids with her constant banter made me realise that parenting doesn’t have to be a dreary job. 

Their new friend, Vicki

Vicki left to tend to her son and they went to join the pool games which had just started. They made friends with a lovely 9 year-old girl from Oregon. (I think my kids learn more about Geography from newly acquired friends than from school!)

Pool games organised by the Kids Club

Seeing that they were all in good hands and were enjoying themselves, I found a hammock a slight distance away and relaxed in peace.

Time standing still.. what a lovely day

Kate woke up from her nap and the hubs took her swimming. He couldn’t find her swimming costume. This is what happens when the hubs is in charge. Oh well.

Kate wearing #4’s extra pair of swimming shorts

All in all, it is a good family holiday destination. The indoor playground, the Kids Club and the swimming pool with the slide are enough to keep them occupied for a week. The only disappointing thing was the rough sand. While the kids were occupied with playing, the adults were occupied with hunting down the best Penang food… More about that in the next post.

Adventure Zone

Opening hours:
10am – 7pm

Admission fees:
For resort guests:
Children RM40 for half day
Children RM 20 for 2 hours

Children: RM 30 for 2 hours

All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
Socks must be worn when on the play equipment.
Long sleeved shirts must be worn when using any of the Drop Slides.
No wet clothes or swimming costumes in the play equipment area.

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