Our September holidays 2015

The one-week holiday has turned out way more eventful than I had planned. Sometimes just going with the flow is best!

We used to go up to KL very frequently when the kids were younger, as they enjoyed the Berjaya Times Square theme park immensely.

As they entered their teens, they were not so keen on that nor Sunway Lagoon anymore, so we started venturing abroad.

Now that the ringgit is at an all-time low, there is no better time to drive up to eat, play and visit grandpa.

With relatives in KL

We discovered a new super cool facility and the 6 kids spent the whole afternoon having fun climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping with their cousins. District 21 is located at IOI City Mall, about 30 minutes drive away from the city. Will follow up with a review of the place shortly!

After dinner, the hub’s cousin took us to Kuala Selangor to the Firefly Park. We sat in little sampans in the still of night, while being paddled down the river.

The fireflies looked like tiny blinking lights in the trees! What a sight. I joked to the kids that we should uproot one whole tree home and it would feel like Christmas all year round.

En route to Singapore, we stopped over at Malacca for a night. We strolled along the river and had a nice slow day doing well, nothing much, really.

Enthralled by feathered friends

We drove about 20 minutes out of town to visit the Submarine Museum. It was surreal to imagine what it must be like to be in this monster of a machine, several decades ago, submerged in the deep, blue sea.

Being claustrophobic, I remarked that I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in such a narrow, confined space.

As for #4, she couldn’t quite believe how it cost us just 30cents each to visit a tourist attraction, and kept on repeating, “30 cents! Can you believe it? Just 30 cents for that?” Yeah, my kids are strange like that.

Submarine Museum – Melaka

In the evening, it got slightly hazy and the hubs decided we would stay indoors and have dinner at the Italian restaurant in our hotel.

Italian? While in Malacca??

If not for the haze and the fact that I was tired from taking care of Kate the past few days, I would have insisted we go out for some good local food.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bread came out warm, and soft in the middle. It was also a nice change from the coffeeshop meals we’ve been having, and I didn’t have to get up repeatedly to fetch extra bowls for Kate and #5, nor re-clean the tables myself. Ah, the night started to look real fine.

Olio Italian – Ramada Plaza Hotel

The seared tuna appetiser was good, and the kids lapped up the carbonara.The meal came up to less than S$15 per person, with appetisers, pizzas, pastas and dessert. Add to that the warm ambience, attentive service, and live band which started at 8.30pm (perfect to entertain Kate while we relaxed and enjoyed our dessert) it was a wonderful last dinner in Malaysia. How ironic huh.

DIY craft
When we got back, the girls were content to stay at home and relax, doing simple crafts to decorate their rooms and making healthy smoothies (their new craze).

And little Kate? I was too busy to entertain her so she occupied herself by getting in everyone’s way.

What I love about school holidays is that there is no rush and no agenda. The kids take charge of most meals, and the kitchen is always a hive of activity.

This is the way we roll the dough…
Kate wanted in on anything remotely exciting. At that moment, the fun thing going on was meddling with the pizza dough after it had risen.
“Eh, why jie jie’s pizza base so nice?”

She was hard at work kneading and rolling, but was puzzled as to why her dough didn’t look anything like #2’s.

She resorted to coaxing her dough.

And almost gave it a good spanking.

“You do what I say, dough. FLATTEN OUT!”

In the end, her sisters made her a nice little pizza heart to cheer her up.

Homemade pizza for lunch!

As the 1 week holiday was nearing it’s end, I decided to take the 2 younger ones out to let off some steam. I’ve been meaning to check out this new place Kaboodle Kids over at East Coast Park (Big Splash).

They had a good time, and it was a nice change from the usual indoor playgrounds.

#5 was busy building his fort, while Kate was content climbing up and down the random structures, and socialising with the other young kids. #5 turned his fort into a ball slide and got the balls to drop right into the basket. Score! I could see he was pleased as punch.
Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Park

It’s back to school for the last term of 2015. Gosh, already?!

Here’s wishing all school-going kids a fruitful term and all the best to those preparing for major exams.

Happy Term 4, kids!

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