Our first time out with just the 2 younger ones

The hubs missed the kids so much that he decided we should take them out for some fun. I had my lovely massage and felt ready to tackle a full day out. I suggested LEGOLAND in Malaysia as #5 has been wanting to go there since it opened last year. It would be a good time to go as it was a weekday and the school holidays had not commenced. #5 had been such a good boy in taking care of Kate that he deserves this treat.

As it turned out, it became a special day just for the 2 younger ones as the 4 older kids already had plans. #1 was at band practice and was going to meet her grandma for lunch and an afternoon of shopping. #2 had invited her friends over for their music project. #3 was in Indonesia on a school trip. #4 had a friend coming over for a sleep-over. So it was just the 4 of us.

Our first time at LEGOLAND Malaysia

We are so used to taking the whole bunch out that suddenly it felt really relaxing just having one chid to one adult. Which turned out to be quite necessary as most of the rides that #5 wanted to go on were not accessible to Kate. 

Daddy hung out with her at DUPLO playtown
#5 was so excited to watch the 4D Legends of Chima. He came out saying it was just “awesome”! Yup, I thought it was awesome too… the aircon respite, I mean.
Lego Studios @ Imagination

We passed some basketball hoops and #5 really wanted daddy to win him a minion. It didn’t look too difficult, but in the end, the hubs realised the hoops were oval instead of round and nope, they didn’t walk off with the giant minion. 

#5 cheering daddy on

I was really glad that the park was not crowded and we didn’t have to queue for most rides. The longest queue was at the driving school and that was about a 10-minute wait. I can’t imagine coming on a weekend or during the school holidays. The heat was really quite unbearable even though we had caps on. Should have brought umbrellas too!

Lego City – City Airport

#5 said that driving the Lego car was his 2nd favourite ride of all. 

Lego City – Driving School

And his favourite? Steering the boat!

Lego City – Boating School

We were there for almost 4 hours and were thoroughly exhausted. I must say that #5 had a swell time, but I wouldn’t recommend this theme park to kids under 3. Most of the rides have height restrictions and it’s really too hot for the little ones.

He slumped onto the car seat on entering the car

Sane tip: Before we left home, we thought of taking the rest of the kids here during the school holidays. However, I don’t think I can brave this sweltering heat any time soon and I would much prefer taking them to the LEGOLAND Water Park again instead.

Save tip: Pre-book online one week in advance to save 20% off tickets.

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