Our Candlelight dinner tradition

Many years ago, after going out for a candlelight dinner, I decided why not have one at home so the kids can have a special dinner and will know what a candlelight dinner was. We got the meal prepared, and as we sat down to eat, the hub said “So dark, how to see the food?” and promptly went to turn the lights on. Such a spoilsport. So from then, every time he went away on a trip, we would have a candlelight dinner without him! That became a family tradition for us. 

I love to create lots of family traditions for the kids as I believe they are important, especially in a fast-paced world like ours. Family traditions help to establish a unique bond amongst the children and it gives them a sense of belonging. There’s just something about the way the kids will say to their friends “Every year we will do this, and this” with such pride that you know traditions mean a lot to them. Traditions like these are the basis of fond memories which they will look back on, remember and reminiscent for years to come.

So yes, the hubs is away so it was time for our candlelight dinner. #2 prepared the entire dinner with #4 as her assistant. The menu for our special dinner always stays the same. Sausages, salad and mashed potato. And apple juice in wine glasses.

We had lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and ham for our salad. We garnished it with fresh thyme, chia seeds and a drizzle of olive oil. Easy!

When we were staying in the condo, we would invite whichever neighbour was playing at our house at the moment. All the kids would have lots of fun. Today, we invited their aunt to join us. She brought along her home-cooked Osso bucu which was delectable!

Sane tip: #2 is just amazing. I was out shopping with #1 and #3 and when we got home, she had everything under control. 

Save tip: Would cost an arm and a leg at a posh restaurant. And besides, it would be really difficult to keep them quiet so as not to disturb the other couples. So this works great! You could even teach them dining etiquette if you were so inclined to. Me? I prefer to relax and enjoy the meal with the kids. Cheers!

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~