Our anniversary trip

On his last trip to Hong Kong, the hubs was taken to many nice places to eat and he kept showing me photos of the food. I told him to stop sending me food that I can see but not eat!

So for our anniversary, he asked if I wanted to go to Hong Kong to eat and shop. Ah, 2 of my favourite past times. Most definitely, yes!

Am I going too?
Kate woke up at 5.30am to say goodbye to us. She’s a really light sleeper and our noise woke her up.

The children have become so much a part of our lives that if we were to leave them all behind, we would be constantly thinking about them and wondering if they were all ok. #3 loves to shop and eat too and we know she would enjoy Hong Kong. As she did really well this term, we wanted to reward her and further motivate her for next year so we decided to take her along. Then we remembered that the last time we took her alone on a trip, she missed them so much she kept asking to go home. So we took #4 along to accompany her. If you’re wondering ‘what about the rest’? Well, #1 has a band concert coming up and she has to go for practices every day. #2 dislikes shopping, and #5 dislikes eating, and of course taking care of Kate would be too much work for me to enjoy my trip. So it was just the 2 of them. 

My favourite dim sum dish
I enjoy such simple short holidays because there is no agenda and no rush to see the sights. We can just walk and stop as and when we feel like it and really take in the moment wherever we are and whatever we’re doing.

I’m so thankful for the support of my mum that we can get away knowing that the kids are well taken care of. It’s also a good chance for the other kids to step up to the responsibility of helping to take care of Kate in our absence. 

More about our trip when we get back!
~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~