My first attempt at baking for Teacher’s Day

Every year, the older girls will invite their friends over and have a massive teacher’s day bake. Somehow, they manage to make delicious cookies and muffins, much to my surprise. I mean, home-baked goodies from students? Um…

This year is the first time Kate is celebrating Teacher’s Day and I wanted to show my appreciation to her teachers who have taken such good care of her these past 8 months.

Moist banana cake

They have gone beyond their duty of imparting knowledge to her, and have guided her closely in shaping her character and values as well, while being attuned to her emotional needs.

Day in, day out, they handle the little tikes with infinite patience and professionalism, never once raising their voices, yet managing to keep them within firm boundaries. I really can’t ask for more in her dedicated educators.

I decided that the only fitting gift I could give them is something home-made with sincerity. Her teacher buys fruit for the kids to share during snack time and it would be lovely if I could bake them something yummy for this special day at school.

Fresh from the oven

One of our yoga mummies is a consummate baker and brought a fragrant banana cake for my birthday celebration. It was heavenly, and I’ve been longing for another slice of it since then. So freshly baked banana cake it was going to be.

My girls looked quizzically at me, “Mum, you sure you want to bake for Kate’s teachers?” My past few cookie attempts failed pretty miserably because I tried to substitute too many ingredients with what I had on hand.

Amazingly, this turned out well, and ours vanished in the blink of an eye. Here’s the recipe if you are keen to try it out!

I would like to wish all teachers, not only school teachers, but teachers in every capacity, a very Happy Teacher’s Day!

May you continue to touch lives and inspire others with what you do.

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