My daughter took these photos. I’m IMPRESSED

I took #1 along for the Fast Track workshop conducted by Canon Imaging Academy and she picked up way more than I did. In fact, I was stunned by the standard of her photographs. Looks really professional to me!

This post is written by her.


To get this image, I used a fast shutter speed. With a fast shutter speed, the camera is able to capture an image at a specific fraction of a second. Even though the bee is flying at a fast speed, the image is clear.

Art Science Museum

This looks suitable for SG50! The Marina Bay area is aesthetically very pretty and is an excellent place for photo shoots.

Panning shot

I have never tried taking panning shots but with the information I gleaned at the theory segment, I managed to pick it up. To achieve a clear image of the focus object, you pan the camera at the same speed as the moving object and the other still components will be blurred and your photo will turn out something like this :)))


My mum was asking the instructor how to make sense of the scenery when there are too many lines to coordinate. He suggested we focus on something special, like in this case, the LV logo, and choose 1 set of lines to anchor the photo. I used high aperture so the buildings behind are also clear.

Mirror image

I really like this convex mirror in the middle of a pond. With the aid of the mirror, you can see what is behind, which includes the buildings and the sky, yet also see the actual pond which is nicely captured in the mirror.


The architecture of the Helix bridge is stunning.


I only managed to take the first dish before my camera ran out of battery! Pity I’m allergic to prawn, but my mummy was happily savouring it.

The next Fast Track workshop is happening at the end of June. See details below.

At the end of the session, I asked Nugene, the instructor, for some constructive criticism of #1’s photos. He said, “You can open a studio for her. She has an eye for photography.”

Wow. I told her she should pursue her interest but she dismissed it by saying that the instructor was probably trying to be nice. She thinks I’m easily impressed because I’m new to photography. Anyone keen to hire her? šŸ™‚

Here’s 6 simple yet effective tips to take better photos which I picked up from the Canon instructors.

Fast Track Workshop

Date: 27 June 2015
Time: 10am – 1pm
Fee: $88 (inclusive of 4-course lunch)

Disclaimer: We were sponsored the Fast Track program. All opinions are my own.

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8 Replies to “My daughter took these photos. I’m IMPRESSED”

  1. Pics are fabulous and I'm not paying lip service – given that she's an amateur, I would hire her in a heartbeat….Good eye!

  2. I'll say it again, #1 has got the eye for photography. It could be stills or maybe even video. Be a sponge and go learn and absorb even more skills and knowledge of the craft. šŸ˜‰

  3. Hi Nugene,

    Thank you! For your affirmation and for making the effort to leave a comment and encourage her.

    Yes, your workshop has definitely sparked a renewed interest for her. She worked part-time and bought the DSLR with her paycheck. She played around with it but did not get very far on her own. Your session really helped her with the fundamentals. Now she is keen to learn how to take photos of people!

  4. Hi Lyn,

    Oh! Now I see why she was so proud of her bee photo. She took quite a while at the pond, and finally was satisfied and came to show me and said, "Look mum, the bee is so cute."

  5. People photography is very fun and challenging. It requires alot of patience and people-reading skills. Different subjects will each require a different approach and style of engagement, followed by your lighting condition, and the mood you wish to suggest to achieve the desired expression. Music helps with the mood setting and getting the subject to relax/warm up. Next try using longer focal lengths eg: 50mm or 85mm to minimise distortion. Try taking portraits of family for starters. Have fun!

  6. Didn't know there's so much going on behind taking good photos of people! Thanks for the step by step tips. Very helpful not only for budding photographers, but for me and many of my readers. I should really try and make time to attend your other hands-on workshops. Extremely beneficial!

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