Luge – Sentosa (Imbiah Lookout)

One of the activities which my kids have enjoyed for many, many years and still have not grown out of is the Skyline Luge at Sentosa. When they were younger, they had fun just going down the hill. Now that they are older, they loved it even more as they raced one another down the slope. After the first round, they wanted to have a go at the other route as well.

Ready, get set, Go!

The 4 older kids were gone in a flash while I took it slow and easy as it was Kate’s first time on the Luge. Initially when I placed her in front of me she wanted to get out. It was only after I told her that she would have to stay with the auntie and wait here for me that she relented. #4 stayed behind to accompany us and we went down side by side. After the first ride we asked Kate if she wanted to go again and she shouted “Yes!” Uh-oh, an adventure junkie in the making.

Choosing the right size

After purchasing the tickets, the kids went to grab their helmets. They have different sizes and green is the tiniest. The straps were still too long for Kate so I tied a few knots to shorten it.

“This is too big for me”

Be prepared for a long queue during the school holidays. The ride itself is only a couple of minutes, but the wait could be up to half an hour.

Snaking queue

Once is definitely not enough so we bought the family package of 10 rides. If you’re going more than once, hang on to your helmet as you’ll need it again. At the bottom, we hopped on to the Skyride to get back up. Yup, it doesn’t stop, so you literally have to hop on to it quickly.

Skyride back up

Just before we went up the Skyride, I got the older kids to buy a snack for Kate. Thank goodness for my quick thinking (haha) as she was kept occupied and stayed seated throughout.

Popcorn to the rescue

The ride lasted almost 10 minutes and near the end, she kept asking to go down. We distracted her by asking her to spot birds (none to be found) and aeroplanes (also none to be found).

View not good enough?
After they had their fill of fun, we adjourned to Starz Restaurant at Hard Rock Hotel (at Resorts World Sentosa) to fill their bellies with a yummilicious buffet.
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