Let’s congratulate these 6 teachers!

These 6 teachers won this years Inspiring Teacher of English Award, which was jointly presented by the Speak Good English Movement and The Straits Times, and supported by the Ministry of Education. They have put in the extra effort to come up with different ways to engage their students. These are the kind of teachers we need more of. In fact, all teachers hired by MOE should have this spirit of genuinely wanting to pass on their knowledge to their students and to see them grow and succeed. Only when they have such passion for teaching, can they look beyond the difficulties in teaching or disciplining and persevere in searching for different ways to engage the students. As the saying goes, there are no bad students, only bad teachers. 

Let’s congratulate and acknowledge these teachers for a wonderful job done!
  1. Mrs Anne Kingsley-Lee (CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent)
  2. Ms Laureen Toh (Catholic Junior College)
  3. Mrs Sangeetha Sivanesan (Da Qiao Primary School)
  4. Ms Vanessa Heng (Nanyang Girls’ High School)
  5. Mr Patrick Sum (Anglo-Chinese Junior College)
  6. Mr Tan Wah Jiam (Hwa Chong Institution – College section) 
Perhaps the MOE should put their money where their mouth is and give out bonuses to reward such creative teaching efforts instead of rewarding teachers to be organisers or administrators.

I hope that we can see a day when all teachers teach in such a way. To find what interests their students and to tailor the lessons to suit the different needs of the students. Well, after all, this is in the blueprint of the 2013 education Work Plan. I’m sure it will be more enjoyable for both the students and the teachers and learning will be deeper and more meaningful.

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~