La Ristrettos @ Novena Medical Centre

It was time for Kate to visit her paediatrician at Novena medical centre for her jab again. I was keen to try out this quaint little cafe which I read about in a fellow mum’s blog. It’s just 2 floors down from her doc, so we decided to have lunch there before her appointment. #3 is ever ready to follow me to take Kate out, so I agreed to pick her up from school and head straight there. #1 heard about our plans and wanted to join us too! So she took an mrt from school and met us there.

Coffee Boutique

I was surprised at the size of the cafe, but realised that they have outdoor seating too. They have a huge communal table in the centre which was fully occupied when we arrived, even though it was 2.30pm on a weekday. I can imagine it would be packed during the lunch hour or on Saturdays.

Lovely ambience

Anyway, I prefer to sit outdoors so Kate has space to run around while waiting for our food to be served. Thank goodness the weather was nice and cloudy, and there was a slight breeze too. She spent a long time looking at the water which ran between the paved flooring. I was enjoying the relaxing afternoon and I loved the laid back vibe of this place. 

“So strange.. water in between the floor?”

We ordered the duck breast, and offered her the peas that came along with it. After she had enough of the peas, she aimed for the potato croquet which looked more interesting. As she’s only 14 months, we have never allowed her to eat deep fried food, but she grabbed it before we could stop her.

“I got it!”

Seeing her holding on to it like a prized possession, we allowed her to have it, and so that we could finish our meal in peace.

“Let’s see how yummy it is…”

She’s probably not used to the texture and the taste… The 3 of us had a good laugh.

“Oooh.. what IS this?”

It was really pleasant to be out having such a relaxing lunch amidst lush greenery with the 3 of them. It was a nice break from our routine, and I was really glad to have found this gem of a place right below her doc. Now I have a place to hang out when there’s a long wait! 

Idyllic lunch on a school day

Sane tip: I still remember once, when I was in primary school, my dad had picked us up from school. We were starving and kept bugging him to get us some pizza. He consented, on the promise that we will finish the dinner that my mum had cooked for us, which of course, we readily agreed to. We gobbled up the pizza in the car before we reached home. Till today, we remember that incident and still laugh about it. Such great memories. 

I realise that as mums, we tend to be stricter, and want to keep to our routines and all that. I have decided to lighten up a bit, as impromptu days like these will be remembered fondly by them for years to come. And even where food is concerned, I used to be stricter in enforcing a healthier diet when they were toddlers. I guess letting up once in a while is fine, which makes the meal much more memorable for everyone. So this year, I have resolved to be less of a killjoy!

Save tip: Not quite a saving tip, but this place is open throughout the day which is great if you need a late lunch.

La Ristrettos

10 Sinaran Drive #08-37
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 63977165

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 8 am – 6 pm
Sat: 8 am – 1pm

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