Korean BBQ and rock climbing

We picked #1 from school as she had to go in for chemistry lessons, then we headed off to lunch. This Korean BBQ buffet in United Square is unbeatable in price! Weekday lunch for children (3-12 years old) is at $9++ while adults are at $14++. The spread was very decent, with the usual meats like beef, chicken and pork. The kids loved the garlic chicken.

Typical Korean side dishes were available including kimchi, fresh lettuce, whole raw garlic, etc. They had a few varieties of soup such as seaweed soup, creamy chicken ginseng soup, kimchi soup and seafood soup. Examples of some cooked food they had were fried chicken, curry, glass noodles and spicy rice cake.

There was a little counter with salad and fruit. Drinks were also included, with 3 options of rice drink, lime juice and pomegranate.

#2 had fun grilling the food to perfection for all of us. She loves cooking!

They had a really full and satisfying meal. This outlet is very big, and even though it was a weekday lunch, the place was 3/4 full. Reservations can only be made for dinner. After lunch, we walked to the atrium and they were just starting the “Littlest Pet Shop” show. The older kids needed to do some shopping so I sat with #4 and #5 to watch it. 

Then we were off to rock climbing. Every school holiday, this is on their list of ‘must do activities’. Their favourite place was Border X at Orchard Central but it recently closed down. We like to try different climbing places to get a different experience. For most rock climbing establishments, you do need to make a booking in advance to ensure there is an instructor available to belay you (the guy holding the rope). Student rate is $11 per hour. You also have to include $10 for each child’s gear (harness and climbing shoes). As I am not certified to belay, and I have no inclinations of doing such a tough job, I hired an instructor to belay them for $20 an hour.

They took turns and #3 went first. She loves climbing. She is very quick and agile. She tried many different lanes to challenge herself. 

#2 has improved a lot over the years. She used to be fearful of heights, and her leg muscles were rather tight. But she did really well today. I was very surprised and impressed with her improvement. (She tells me that this was actually one of her hidden talents which has since blossomed!) Well, either way, I’m proud of her.

#4 being shorter than the rest couldn’t climb the same lanes as the older ones. She started to get cold feet when she watched the others shimmy up the wall. I told her she did not have to do the same walls as her sisters. She just has to do whichever wall she is comfortable with. There are 6 lanes of varying intensities for the beginners wall. Kids as young as 4 can start climbing here.

The beginners wall

#1 loves all such sport, including bungee jumping, absailing, forest adventure type obstacle courses. She started with the other walls and managed to make it halfway up this intermediate wall. Well done!

Ssikkek Korean BBQ Buffet
101 Thomson Road #B1-15
United Square S (307591)
Tel: 62548123

Climbers Laboratory
48 Toh Guan Road East
#05-153 Enterprise Hub S (608586)
Tel: 65159363

Sane tip: Nothing too stressful for me… I sit there and watch them while they have fun. After a session like this, they go home and are all nice and tired out.

Save tip: I like to do these things during the school holidays as weekday prices are usually cheaper than weekend prices. It all adds up when you have too many kids!

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke  ~

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  1. Hey michelle…United square got Korean BBQ??!! i din't know they open one there!! hahahah so is it good? price ok? …. ronnie

  2. Weekday lunch buffet for adults is at $14++. Of course you can't compare it to those more expensive Korean restaurants, but for this price, the food is good enough! The place is also more spacious than the previous one opposite the road.

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