Keep calm and Mother on: 21 Stories from Mothers with Children aged 1-21

I was approached to contribute a chapter in a parenting book, and while I was thinking about it (another item on my never-ending To Do list?!), it was my kids who encouraged me. “That’s so cool, mum! Go for it.” And so I did. And I’m glad.

Hot off the press

They asked me to write a chapter on dealing with the dangers of the internet, after reading my 10 House Rules for gadget use and my previous post on this issue. In this book, I share my experiences of how the internet has impacted my teenagers and tips on what to do before handing your children their first mobile phone.

Keep Calm and Mother On: 21 Stories from Mothers with Children Aged 1 to 21 is a compilation of stories from 21 mothers. The other mums on board include editors, authors, early childhood educators and even Patricia Koh, well-known founder of Pat’s schoolhouse, and Dawn Fung, the founder of Homeschool Singapore. I scanned the list, and spotted the name of an old classmate, and another mum whom I recently had the privilege of befriending, thanks to blogging. Nice.

As I read through the entries, I was most touched and inspired by 2 courageous mums who shared their journey. One has a daughter who was diagnosed with Stage 4 osteosarcoma at the age of 12 and the other has a son who suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. How devastating it is for a parent to have to see your own child suffer.

“I do not think about the future. So, I will just take the days as they come, one by one. I want to learn to be like my son – to embrace the moment, treasure my time with loved ones, and always look for silver linings.” Arina Lua

Very relevant topics

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Sane tip: Good tips and advice on a whole range of topics from mums who have gone through similar experiences as what many others are facing.

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It is available online from Armour publishing. Click here for a direct link to purchase the book.

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