Kate’s Paediatrician

Took Kate for her immunisation yesterday at Novena Children Clinic. This one was scheduled at 12 months old, but as we were travelling, I decided to wait until we settled down before giving her the jab just in case she fell ill. She is a rather sociable child and immediately gravitated towards the other children. #5 is such a protective gor gor and he pulled up a chair and sat right behind her. Not sure if he was guarding her just in case she fell backwards, or if he was making sure she wasn’t bullied by the older kids.

I just realised she had never played with these sort of toys!

There was a new born baby and she kept trying to look at the baby. I think she found it very amusing to see a baby tinier than herself. In the past, I used to take the older ones to the GP just outside my street to get their injections, but they constantly picked up germs from there and came back with more illnesses. So now, I prefer to take them to a PD as most of the kids there are also there for their jabs.

“Is that a little baby?”

#3 wanted to have the honour of cuddling her for the injection. Kate doesn’t know what she’s in for! 

“Why are they meddling with my butt?”
And…. all done!
“Waaaah… that hurt!”

She cried for about 2 seconds and we managed to distract her. Dr Keoy is very good with babies and children and he is really gentle with them. We got into the car, gave her her milk and she was in good spirits again.

Ha ha, that was so funny..

Sane tip: It went better than I expected. Probably because her siblings were there to distract her. In fact, #3 even brought along a friend. She is indeed blessed to have so many of them to support and take care of her.

Save tip: Besides immunization, I hardly take my children to see the doctor. After the first couple of kids, you roughly know what the doctors are going to prescribe and what they are going to say. I just give them lots of rest and fluids and monitor to see that they are not lethargic. Sometimes when they are ill, they have no appetite. It’s ok if they don’t eat anything at all for 1 or 2 days. It seems that the body is better able to heal itself when it is on fasting mode. 

Novena Children Clinic
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Tel: 63976960

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