Kate’s antics: Young punk

Reality check. Time flies, and it is nowhere more apparent than seen by the changes in a small child.

This picture was taken a year ago. Kate was so little, so adorable, so innocent.

15 months

Just one year later, she has grown into a toddler with an attitude! She saw #5 strike this ‘cool’ pose and quickly followed suit. Monkey see, monkey do.

27 months

They grow and change so quickly! Dealing with the demands of raising the 6 kids, the days sometimes seem long. However, looking back at Kate’s photos never fail to jolt me into remembering that the years fly by all too quickly.

Carpe diem!

And don’t forget to take more photos and videos while they are growing up. The hubs has always been bugging me to do that and now I wished I had taken way more photos of the older kids.

Happy weekend folks!

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