Kate’s antics: What a strange cat

Kate loves dogs. Don’t ask me why, as we don’t own a dog. However, everyday, she will walk down our street and say hi to many of the neighbours’ dogs. The dogs will scamper to their gates and greet her with happy barks. This is the first time she has come into close contact with a cat.
“Hi, cat. Come here.”

She was puzzled as to why there was no barking from the cat.

“So strange, mom”

She decided to play hide and seek with the cat.

“Found you!”

Then the cat started contorting as it tried to scratch itself.

“What’s he DOING!?”

She had enough of the cat and went in search of her familiar doggie friends.

“There, mom. I found a dog!”

~ mummy wee – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~