Kate’s antics: Mummy can have her churros and eat it

What do mothers with young kids really want for Mother’s day? It’s such a dilemma for me.  I want to be with my family, yet I also want to enjoy a day off without any sound of bickering or whining. I have finally found the perfect solution. Spread it over the weekend!

On Saturday, we went for a leisurely lunch with my parents as we don’t like to squeeze with the crowds on Sunday and be limited to mother’s day menus.

I used to have to sit next to Kate to see her through the meal but now that she is more independent, her sisters can handle her.

So many jie jies to dote on her

On Sunday, I declared a day off and escaped to Sentosa Cove for a lovely lunch with some friends. Kate was such a dear. She kept herself occupied with the art counter set up for the occasion and painted me a heart. When she had enough of that, she came back to our table for her lunch. She fed herself and when she was done, asked if she could go back for some face painting. Sure, why not? Anything that keeps you quiet, my dear šŸ˜‰

Learning to be ambidextrous?

Soon it was her nap time and she automatically came to look for me and said, “I want to sleep.” She drank her milk then promptly fell asleep in her stroller for 2 hours.

Quayside Isle

What bliss. Seeing your child sleeping soundly is always a delightful sight. And at a place as charming as Quayside Isle, along with good company? Nothing short of a perfect afternoon.

Sabio by the Sea
And the best part of our long lunch? Savouring the heavenly warm churros morsel by morsel, without having to deny (or share with) Kate such a sinful dessert šŸ˜‰

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