Kate’s antics: Marina Bay Sands

One person who never fails to cheer me up… Tis cheeky lil’ toddler who is full of monkey expressions.

1st person sunbathing on the rooftop pool with her life jacket on.

“Better get up before I get too tan”
“Eh, where’s everybody??”
“Lucky you all didn’t leave without me”
We had the luxury of a staycation at the MBS suite courtesy of a good friend. It was so big that they could play hide and seek.
Walk-in wardrobe
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  1. Hi Ai,

    It was our own 🙂 And MBS has a really strict rule. No floats or toys of any sort unless it is attached to the body because apparently there were cases where floats dropped over the edge of the pool right down to the road 57 stories down!

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