Kate’s antics: Her week in pics

This was Kate’s week in pictures… She was trying to look real endearing so the kids would take her along to their activities.

“Please… pretty please.”

She followed us to #1’s school fun fair and all the teenagers who walked past kept exclaiming, “Ooh, she’s sooo cute!”

“Do I look like I’m on display?”

She was literally gawked at for half an hour and must have felt like a circus clown.

“Ok, if I can’t see them, maybe they can’t see me”

The rest of the time at home, she was invading their rooms and checking out their stuff.

Trying on their earpiece

One of the girls entered the room, and demanded in a pretend angry tone, “What-are-you-doing-in-my-room?”

Caught red-handed

She left and went in search of other interesting things to explore.

#5’s latest robot invention

She inadvertently pulled it apart and #5 gave her a scolding for destroying what he had just made.

Crocodile tears

She escaped to another room and found one of her jie jie’s shorts.

“Denim looks good on me, no?”

The girls came in and found her wearing the ridiculously over-sized shorts and burst out laughing.

“Hee hee.. Am I the butt of your joke?”

One day when all her siblings were out and the house was really quiet, she walked to the door and asked to be taken out too. I took her to visit her grandaunts as she never fails to cheer them up.

Waiting for the tickle

Her grandaunt loves to play with her and listen to her chuckle.

“I’m going to poke you!”

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  1. Nope, we don't encourage it. That's what happened when #5 was a baby. As he was the youngest, everyone gave in to didi, especially since he was really cute. Fast forward a few years and he became thoroughly spoilt!

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