Kate turns oNE!

It has been 12 months since Kate came into our family. She has been such a blessing to us. With the pure innocence of a baby and her ever-ready smiles, she has brought much joy to the family.

Over the weekend, we had a simple birthday celebration with the extended family. She seems to know it is her big day. When she saw her cousins gather around the table, she quickly went over and sat with them. She was a bit too short for the table so she stood up on the chair!

She seems to have socialised into the big kids club. She waited patiently for the cake to be served before she started to eat hers. Normally, if she saw food in front of her, she would immediately reach for it and pop it into her mouth.

Taking her first bite of cake she’s ever eaten in her life.. yummy strawberry sponge cake baked by her aunt.

What is this strange texture?

On her actual birthday, the whole family took her out. We decided to take her to have lots of fun, fun, fun, so we took her to an indoor playground at Millennia Walk which is suited for the 0-5 year olds. #4 and #5 accompanied her in (although they are a tad too old for that place) but they ended up having a whale of a time too! The older 3 had truffle fries with daddy while waiting for us.

We then went for dinner at La Maison. After I finished feeding her her dinner, I allowed her to try feeding herself some rice while I ate. What a great mess she made. I’m glad I had the table topper mat (store details in Armchair shopping – part 2) which I just folded up and threw away.

My youngest… and my eldest. This photo was taken 14 years ago! How time flies.

She’s a really lucky child to have 5 older siblings who love her. She had a great time and we called it a night as the kids had exams the next day.

It’s my birthday, yay!

A look back at the first year of baby Kate’s life…

The kids were eagerly awaiting her birth and were so excited when the day arrived.

#3 made this banner for us
At the hospital
Her first day at home

I asked #5 to read to her and he took his Lego Ninjago book and told her all about the good guys and the bad guys. And he told her not to worry, the good guys will always win.

“yup, I get it”

We give her plenty of fresh air and sunshine everyday. She loves gazing at the clouds.

She’s a contented little baby
She sits in her little ‘throne’ and waits for everyone to come home
Her first spa in the big bathtub

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