Kate turns 3 with a cosy party at home

Kate has been waiting for this day for a long time. Her slightly older cousin turned 3 several months ago, and when asked her age, will declare “I’m 3 years old”.

Kate would follow suit, only to be reminded that she is still 2.

She’s been hearing the constant refrain “You will be 3 when your birthday comes.”

Hence she has been awaiting this BIG day, when she can finally say SHE IS THREE. Like a badge of honour.

Her party last year was a low-key kampung-style affair, where everyone chipped in. The hubs cooked the dishes, the kids decorated our home, the older girls’ friends came over to help out and tried their hand at making a Mickey Mouse cake, and Kate’s friends played with her toys. At 2, it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

This year, having celebrated several of her friends’ birthdays in school, she requested for a Sofia the First cake, which I ordered from Bake Avenue 3 weeks in advance.

She has also been asking for a ‘sparkly princess dress’ after seeing her cousin wearing one and watching too much Sofia, so her aunt bought her one for her birthday present.

Cheeky poses

The whole morning, the entire family was busy preparing for the party, and Kate could feel the palpable buzz of activity in our house which put her in an ecstatic mood.

I ran through with Kate how she should graciously give the party bags to her guests when they are leaving and thank them for coming (and not cry or whine that we were giving away her toys).

For the party bags, I didn’t want to put token toys which would be thrown away, nor fill the bags with candy as the majority of the kids are 3.

I came across these adorable play dough Party Favours from Tickle your Senses, and knew they would be the perfect take home gifts for her little guests. Not only do they look appealing, but the play dough is of premium quality which is non-toxic and taste-safe.

Party favours $5

I figured they would also be well-received by the handful of older kids, and suit both girls and boys. Perfect. #2 commented that they smelt so good (essential oils were added) and the texture was better than the commercial ones we had.

Their party favours range from $5 – $10 per child, and the sticker on the lid can be personalised with message and theme.

I have to say a big thank you to the 2 lovely mums behind this homegrown brand for obliging with the sponsorship which made Kate’s birthday that much more special.

“Thank you aunties for gifting us all the party bags and play dough. My friends and I like it very much!” šŸ™‚
Love, Kate
The older kids took care of the entertainment and organised simple party games for the little ones.

Being the resident chef, it was natural for the hubs to be in charge of the menu. He went to the market bright and early and spent the whole morning in the kitchen. That is his way of showing his love for the children.

Everyone enjoyed his legendary fried chicken wings, which he only whips up during parties. The girls helped with the platter of finger food and made an assortment of heart-shaped sandwiches.

Midway through the party, as more and more guests arrived, Kate was overwhelmed. While receiving yet another present, she shook her head and cried out, “I don’t want anymore presents!” The poor kid giving it didn’t know how to respond.

When we got round to cutting her birthday cake, she was still rather bewildered by all the attention and wanted to be carried.

Sofia the First Cake

After the kids had their cake, we set up the Dough Table Party set which Tickle your Senses had also sent over. Their tubs of coloured play dough and assortment of cutters were all so pretty!

Play dough accessories

The kids naturally gravitated to the table as it looked so inviting, and the parents could enjoy their cake and conversations in peace. I have never seen such detailed princess-sy cutters, and they were easy to use too. Just let them know your theme and guest numbers and they would be able to customize something suitable for your party.

Lil’ princesses hard at work

All in all, it was a splendid little party.

On her actual day, as it was a school day, we waited for the older kids to return and had a simple family celebration at home. This time, Kate seemed to understand it was her special day and revelled in the attention.

How extremely fortunate she is. More than 3 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with our 6th child, with the kids’ stuff given away, our resources further stretched, and starting all over again with a young one, we didn’t know what the future would hold.

Kate’s 3rd birthday

3 years on, I still marvel at how Kate’s life is unfolding, as we take things one day at a time. It was a poignant reminder that

If God brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.

Happy Birthday my dear Kate.

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  1. Awww.. what a lovely party, with all hands on deck! Love what you shared at the end too. Happy belated birthday to Kate! šŸ™‚

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