Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips

After the hype and high expectations of Antoinette’s salted egg croissant which wasn’t quite satisfying, I was craving for some really good salted egg dishes.

Being still in the thick of the lo hei lunches and dinners, my dearest friend told me about the next best thing – a popular salted egg snack.

Salted egg snacks from a bottle? How far are people going to take this salted egg craze?

Anyway, it looked rather promising and we still had more visiting to do, so bringing along unique snacks seemed like a good idea. Ok ok, good excuse (to get someone else) to get my salted egg fix.

My obliging brother was in the area, so I asked him to pick some up.

Yes, that’s my household
This cafe sells 3 snack items. Salted Egg Potato chips, Salted Egg Fish Skin and Salted Egg sauce in a jar.

We bought the lot to try. Might as well, since he made the effort to go there. My brother never had such a rousing welcome stepping into our house.

As you can imagine with the number of people around, we opened one bottle and it vanished before we could say salted-egg-potato-chips.
Irvins’ Salted Egg Potato Chips

So unhealthy but seriously addictive. It is best consumed within 2 weeks, but ours was gone within a day!

The adults prefer the deep fried fish skin, and they make good snacks for a party. My dad was enjoying it with his cold beer.

Personally, I prefer this dish freshly served at a restaurant, with a stronger salted egg taste.

#2 was munching on the chips saying, “This is so good. I’ll be much happier receiving a bottle of this for Christmas instead of items we don’t need.”

I laughed that she is so easily contented.

“Mum, happiness is in the moment. A moment like this.”

Wow. Profound words from a 15-year old.

Thanks my dear, for making me feel better, after being slightly guilty watching my kids gorge on such unhealthy snacks.

Gong Xi Fa Cai again! One more weekend to enjoy the CNY festivities. Huat ah!

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