Impromptu BBQ at home

Our weekends are usually spent at home as we try to avoid the crowds. Hubs finished watching a movie with the kids and he decided that we should have a BBQ. He whipped it up in less than an hour!

The kids love daddy’s awesome rack of lamb. It was well-marinated and perfectly done. Pink in the middle and very juicy. Yum!!

Kate is usually in bed by 7pm but today, she somehow woke at 8pm to join us in our mini BBQ. Don’t ask me how she knew… maybe she could smell the aroma of the grilled meats!

I knew there was a little party going on

He also did a nice slab of 3 layer pork.

And chopped it all up nicely…

Kate saw us eating and wanted to have a share as well.

Our meal was finished off with freshly squeezed juice. Satisfying!

Sane tip: Sometimes the best things are the simple things. Enjoy your family, enjoy your life!

Save tip: Paying for 1 glass of freshly squeezed juice at a restaurant can buy us the whole watermelon which can easily yield us 8 cups of juice.

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke  ~