Imperial Treasure @ Asia Square

We love having dim sum as it’s just so family-friendly. Everything is in bite sizes, we can order a lot of different dishes to suit everybody, and there’s always something that Kate can eat. A family friend invited us for lunch at the Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck restaurant over at their Asia Square branch. I have to say that this is probably one of the best dim sum places in Singapore.

Prawn Cheong Fun
Har Kao (shrimp dumpling)
Chicken feet
Pan fried carrot cake
Glutinous rice
#2 asked what kind of bun is this? And #4 immediately replied, “Oh, the char siew bun that we kept eating in hong kong, which was supposedly the best in the world”.
Baked char siew bun

This restaurant is more spacious than those in town so it feels more comfortable and there isn’t a din like in most cramped chinese restaurants.

“Huh, more food!”

Kate had enough, so she kept herself entertained with a ziplock bag and her face towel.

Put in, take out, put in, take out
Sane tip: We like to lunch out with my parents on weekends especially when the helper is off, but we really dislike the crowds in the shopping malls. This place is perfect! The food is good, there’s ample car park space and the rest of the building is virtually a ghost town on weekends as it’s in the Marina Bay financial district. And because it’s not in the malls, we don’t have to end up ‘accidentally’ shopping, which the hubs is really great at doing.

Save tip: We don’t know what the bill came to, but I guess we’ll have to leave this place for special occasions as I’m sure it’s not cheap! Next time, perhaps we will try the peking duck…

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