Happy Chinese New Year to our readers :)

Today is the day where all the little kids dress up in their traditional clothes to celebrate chinese new year in school. Kate doesn’t like anyone messing with her hair so I had to bribe her with some new toys (recycled from the older kids) while she sat there getting her hair tied. Then I got her to pose for some photos. (I’m normally not like that… this is what blogging has done to me. Now I feel sorry for the 5 older kids.)

Put your hands together like this.

Yes! Nice!
Blur look
Now take these 2 oranges and hold them properly.

Look at me! Smile!

(she’s still trying to figure out how to smile nicely)
“Gong xi, gong xi”

Her smile looks so forced that I decided to give her a little tickle.

Much better.

“Ok, mummy, are we done?? Do you want me to do a chicken dance for you as well?”

Here’s wishing one and all bountiful goodness and love this lunar new year!