Ham in the middle

#2 found this recipe online and prepared this for our breakfast. Fun to make and yummy to eat.
Try it!

She also wrote this post.


1) Cut a square out of the bread
2) Flatten the inner square
3) Break the egg into a bowl
4) Cut a piece of ham to fit the hole

5) Put oil in a pan and spread it around.

6) Put the outer square of bread into the pan

7) Pour the egg into the hole in the bread.

8) Put the ham onto the egg before it solidifies entirely

9) Place the cheese on top of the ham

10) After roughly a minute, put the inner square of bread into the hole and press it down so that it does not bulge out

11) After twenty seconds, flip the bread

12) After a minute, you can serve. It should be golden brown

13) Enjoy your breakfast!

Sane tip: It’s great when your kids can cook. It not only makes them independent, but it’s a life skill. It’s really wonderful when your kids can cook a proper meal for you šŸ™‚

Save tip: They love eating this for weekend breakfasts. Besides, it’s cheap and yummy!

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke  ~

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