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Kate is now 13 months old and she’s at the age where she’s learning and absorbing everything at a phenomenal rate. She can imitate actions by watching her siblings and although she’s only saying single words, we know that she understands so much more as she can respond to our questions. If we ask her “Who’s taking you on a bicycle ride?” She will point or look at her daddy. As I mentioned in 6 easy peasy ways to make baby smarter, a baby’s brain undergoes rapid profusion in the first 2 years of life. I realise that I should be utilising this window of opportunity wisely by exposing her to as many activities and experiences as possible.

Our playgroup has been unofficially disbanded as the other toddlers have all started school or are starting school very soon. I am very careful about the type of classes I choose to enrol Kate in as I want her to always have a love of learning. I was in the midst of looking for a gym to take her to once a week as I believe that by giving them opportunity to explore physically at this young age, it will go a long way in helping them with their coordination, balance and motor skills. Besides, physical development directly enhances brain function, so I thought I would start her off with a gym class for a term or two, and move on to maybe a music class or a speech and drama class.

It was an opportune time as Gymnademics approached us to offer Kate a term over at their centre. I was pleased to say the least. And after I found out more about their philosophy, I was simply amazed. It was everything I’ve wished for in a toddler class, and they also believe that children are born with a natural curiosity towards the world where everything is interesting to them and nothing is too difficult for them to learn. Besides the gym component, they also have a music and an intellectual component because they believe in a holistic learning environment for the children. Sounds ideal to me!

Kate is captivated by the vibrant songs

We were all excited to head off for our first class (I think I was more excited than Kate). We got there 10 minutes early to settle down and for Kate to warm up with some toys as it was her first time at a ‘real’ class. When the other kids arrived, we packed up the toys and they started off with a welcome song. The 2 teachers are young and energetic and they are able to hold the children’s attention with their lively songs and actions.

Next was the Glenn Doman Encyclopedic Knowldege segment. Glenn Doman, better known to parents by his number dot flashcards, actually believes in a holistic repertoire for brain growth. For the encyclopaedic knowledge, he believes that it is best to show children pictures of the real thing. Here, they get the kids to match the animal parts to the descriptions. I was looking forward to this as I had read his books many years ago when #5 was a baby. It was very inspiring, but I never got round to doing the encyclopaedic flash cards, although I did do the number dots and the big words with #5 for a couple of months before I gave up. Perhaps that could be why he was the only one who loved reading from young.

As this is Kate’s first time in a class, she is hanging on to #4 for security
Kate is not used to sitting for long in a circle, so after awhile she started to roam around and explore all the other interesting things around the room. #4 had to go after her and get her back in the circle.
These bright and colourful steps are irresistible. I have to check them out!

They moved on to some songs and bright and colourful pom poms were distributed. The toddlers were shown how to shake them to the music and this is a great activity for some wrist movement. 

Looking at an auntie to see what she’s supposed to do

This month’s theme is Sports and Christmas. A circuit was set up and the toddlers lined up and went a few rounds. Kate prefers these physical segments compared to the intellectual segments as she had always been very active from the time she was a baby.

The light at the end of the (very short) tunnel

There are 2 tunnels, some cushioned steps for them to practice walking up and down and to jump, and the coloured steps (above) are for tactile stimulation for the feet. They even have a balance beam for the tots! It’s not easy for newly independent walkers to put their feet one in front of another and the teachers were there to help Kate. 

“This feels funny… Am I going to fall off?”

It was time for a swing on the trapeze bar. This not only helps to strengthen their grip, but by extending the arms fully upwards, the lungs are expanded and more oxygen can be inhaled. Ah, I have been learning to breathe deeply in my yoga classes for optimal oxygen intake and I’m glad my baby is learning to do the same! However, as it was all quite new to her, she was a little bit apprehensive. The other toddlers who have been here for some time were happily squealing away when they were being swung towards their parents.

Kate doesn’t look too happy though..

Kate’s favourite was the fruit race. They put on some upbeat music and the toddlers had to try and transfer as many fruits as possible from one basket to the other in the allotted time. The toddlers were all running while the parents were cheering them on or supporting them. Although this was the first time she was in a ‘race’, she seemed to know it was some kind of competition and she was going as fast as her little legs could carry her.

I’m almost there, almost there

Another baby got side-tracked and was eyeing her friend’s basket of fruit.

Hmmm, your fruits look yummier than mine

When the music stopped, we had to count to see how many fruits she managed to transfer. This was to see if there was any improvement from the previous sessions. #4 kept cheering her on and I think she was more excited than Kate to know how many fruits there were in the basket.

Let’s count together: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Next, out came the parachute and everyone helped to hold on to the little handles and we all went walking round and round together. We also went up and down, forwards and backwards. It was lots of fun for the kids.


Teacher Ally took out a mystery box and they all gathered around to see what was inside. This week they got some little paper balls which they had to blow up, practising their jaw muscles. They each got a strip of coloured stickers for them to practice their fine motor skills. It was also another opportunity for us to teach them the colours.

“Hey, how come it sticks onto my finger?”

Fully concentrating on figuring out the tiny little sticky dot and what it could do. Wonderful fine motor skills going on there.

A tiny sticker dot can hold her attention longer than a battery operated toy!

So much was going on that the hour passed all too quickly. They had music, flash cards, circuit training, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, story telling, and more. Usually, when I go for trial classes, I try to replicate the class at home (or at least some parts of it) as classes do not come cheap these days. I can definitely say that this class is pretty hard to replicate firstly because of the sheer number of activities we went through, and secondly because of the solid intellectual foundation based on the Glenn Doman philosophy. The other thing I look for in a class, besides the program, is of course, the teachers. In some cases, the program is top notch, but the teachers are not able to carry it out. Here, I am impressed that teacher Ally even has a degree in psychology. But more than her qualifications, what bowled me over was her enthusiasm. Both the teachers were very energetic and lively the entire hour and I can’t imagine how they do this several times a day! I was exhausted after an hour. I have to say, this class is without a doubt value for money, and we can’t wait for the next session!

1 Free Play Pass @ ARC

Sane tip: They encourage both parents to attend the classes together with their child. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their child and it’s really nice to see them progress through the sessions.

Save tip: And I have a {GIVEAWAY}! Gymnademics is pleased to give away a 4-hour Weekday Free Play pass worth $40 (it doesn’t have to be used in one go) at ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre). Their fully padded studio is ideal for kids to play safely in, and there are a lot of fun and educational toys, musical instruments, learning materials and gym equipment to keep them occupied.

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Disclaimer: Gymnademics has sponsored Kate a term of lessons. They have also sponsored the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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