Girls night out

During the school holidays, everyday is a busy day for me. Today I took #5 for a classmate’s birthday party. It was so nice to get to know the mums of the boys he plays with in school. This is the first time I am at a gathering where there are no girls. The birthday boy comes from a family of 4 boys! Must be a handful, but I must say they are very well behaved.

Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

In the evening, it was the 4 girls’ turn and we went to watch the Wild Rice production of Jack & the Bean-Sprout! We were slightly disappointed though. We had thoroughly enjoyed the previous years’ productions and we laughed till we were in stitches. But we felt that this show was not tight enough. 

Ethel Yap surprised me with her vocals… and er her alien outfit. Well done!

Nevertheless, it was a nice change to be out with the girls, instead of putting Kate to bed. All thanks to my sister-in-law for getting us the tickets!

Sane tip: It’s good to get out at night once in a while and do adult things. There was a time when I did not leave the house past 8pm for a few years! And when I finally did, I was marvelling at the night sky. Funny how deprivation makes you marvel at things you used to take for granted.

Save tip: Get a really nice SIL! *wink*

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~