Parenting Courses

3 ways to get your kids to do exactly what you want them to do without nagging, shouting or caning

Discover 3 powerful ways to get your kids to listen, cooperate and behave – with Michelle’s proven methods. All it takes is 10 minutes a day to make your home happier and more peaceful, for everyone.

You will get REAL advice from Michelle, Mum of 6, Occupational Therapist, Parenting Coach, co-founder of The Little executive and International Certified Professional Trainer, U.K. as she shares practical tips and strategies for the Singapore parent that you won’t find in books.

”I was struggling with my daughter’s tantrums and unwillingness to cooperate. Michelle’s digital course helped me to transform her behaviour and improve my relationship with her. This course is really convenient for busy mums like me. It is easy to listen to while I’m doing the laundry or driving. Thank you Michelle for your guidance on my motherhood journey!” Yu Ming, mum of 4

Counselling Sessions

If you are concerned about the behaviour of your children or teens and want counselling for yourself or for them, I’m here to help. With my own experience of dealing with 5 teenagers and having counselled both children and parents, I will share with you ways you can re-build the relationship and help you understand them better as they go through this difficult phase. Teens of today face many challenges; influence of social media, high academic pressure and dis-connection from their parents. Sadly, it is too late when we hear stories of attempted suicide, self-harm behaviour like cutting their arms or thighs, eating disorders, experimenting with drugs, addiction to vaping, LGBT tendencies and sexual grooming. Our suicide statistics are alarming, with 1 suicide every 3 days of our young people aged 10-29 in Singapore. We need to remove the stigma of seeking help, and address the emotional pain of our youth before it is too late.

Counselling (1 hour) $280. Sessions are strictly confidential, conducted remotely.

Register via email: with the age of your children and preferred timings (weekdays/weekends/am/pm).