Focus on the Family Spotlight

I first got to know Ee Jay about 10 years ago when we met as guests on Susan Ng’s radio show on 93.8 Live and I was impressed by his immense knowledge and years of dedication towards helping youths. We met up recently and I was sharing with him my personal mission to half the suicide rate of youths, and we’ve come up with a brilliant idea for a ground up initiative that might work! He’s now Lead of Relations & Partnership at Focus on the Family Singapore.

When was this started?

Focus on the Family Singapore was incorporated on December 21, 2001, as a charity and voluntary welfare organization dedicated to serving families in Singapore. In 2002, we launched our FOTFS office with our founding chairman Mr Tan Thuan Seng and first appointed CEO Mrs Joanna Koh-Hoe. Also in 2002, we received approval of status as Charity with Institute of Public Character. This year 2024 is our 22nd year sincere incorporation as Charity with IPC status.

What motivated you to join this organisation?
– Promote strong families through preventive family life programmes, timely resources and trusted help
– Protect the institution of Family through thoughtful research and upstream advocacy
– Partner individuals and organisations to raise family champions and journey with families needing support

What age group / demographic do you serve?
Youths to young adults (13 to 25 years old), parents, married couples and soon-to-be married couples. With the recent launch of our FamChamps Junior initiative, we are also serving and reaching the pre-schooler age group (4-6 years old).

What is unique about your organisation?
Our strong emphasis on preventive, upstream family life education, engagement and equipping to strengthen relational health/resilience of families and preventing relational brokeness.

What is the most popular service?
Connect2 Marriage Preparation Course (

ParentEd Podcast

Date with Dad (Event)

FamChamps Camp Experience

Marriage Counselling

What is a little known service?
Best Date Ever (Event)

How can youths or families volunteer?
At Focus Singapore, we believe that volunteering efforts can be in the area of Time, Treasures, Ties, Talents and Testimonials. Different areas and opportunities for youths, adults and families to volunteer through our events and initiatives include: Admin Support, Communications, Creatives, People Development or Technology.
More information can be found on our website at

What upcoming events are in the pipeline?
(For Young Adults) The 1825 Collective –

Conversations about social issues and trends surrounding family and relationships can sometimes be very complex and challenging. However, we can learn to become a voice of change by engaging and communicating our views and beliefs confidently, starting by clarifying why we believe what we believe in. The 1825 Collective is an immersive multi-level programme (for 18-25 year olds) that gives you an opportunity to explore cultural trends and issues about family and engage with like-minded peers in a safe space.

(For Married Couples) Best Date Ever –
The initial decade of marriage is significant in establishing a strong foundation for a lasting union. Hence, we’ve prepared Best Date Ever, a special event for couples married 10 years and under. All you need to do is dress up, turn up and enjoy yourselves together. Couples married over 10 years are also welcome! Let us host you with a thoughtful programme, while reviving romance and relishing each other’s attention and company. Join us and create wonderful memories to strengthen your family’s foundation. Relax, re-connect and renew the intimacy in your marriage at the Best Date Ever.

If you have a magic wand.. how can we half the suicide rate?
From an upstream prevent approach, I feel that attentive and empathic listening offers a great helping hand to many who are facing the stresses, pressures and burdens of modern day living.

Looking forward to see the #untalkfor10 movement actualise!